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The recoil of filter of high speed of dimension of long drill rod washs characte
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The recoil of filter of high speed of dimension of long drill rod washs character
The recoil of filter of high speed of dimension of long drill rod washs character
Joyous Wu Jian of world of Zhou Fei king and Zhao
(municipal project is southeast university, jiangsu Nanjing two hundred and ten thousand and ninety-six)
Summary: With the fiber of filter of opposite of intensity of different spirit, water filter layer undertakes recoil is washed associated. The determine in detail and differs to wash time length mud to wash a rate instead consideration that gives water turbidity through be being washed to recoil, the recoil that discussed the filter of long fiber high speed that manufactures by oneself in detail washs character, proved this model the innovation on filter structure and
Improve, raised recoil to wash the effect significantly, improved overall filterability effectively thereby can.
Keyword: Grow fiber; High speed filter; Recoil is washed; Clean water
The article filters to wash an experiment with recoil through what sedimentation basin of water treatment plant gives water, rinse character to have relatively detailed research instead to its, in order to prove this model the advantage that filter washs an operation to go up in recoil.
1. Experiment general situation
Experiment in Nanjing riverside mouth waterworks undertakes, test equipment is filter of long fiber high speed, test flow is shown like graph 1 place. Filter main body is become with organic glass control, internal diameter is 300 m m , overall height makes an appointment with 2500 m m . Fiber component is secured with flange at filter cylindrical shell, bottom sets gas to distributing implement, facilitate the cloth when be being washed instead is enraged even; Wash a water instead by eduction of upside overflow mouth.
The experiment inspects index with what turbidity serves as water quality, use siphon to introduce this factory precipitation to give water to undertake filtering, the turbidity that drink water makes an appointment with 10 NTU, with 0. 5 NTU filters as what study originally penetrable dot; Introduce this factory finished product to leave factory by centrifugal pump water serves as reactive water, reactive gas supplies by pneumatics machine, after by valve adjusts and rotameter is measured, reactive water, gas is introduced by filter bottom respectively. Turbidity determines by appearance of smooth turbidity of scattering of TSZ-400A table intelligence, recoil washs strength of water, air to part to determine by rotameter of LZB-50 liquid rotameter and LZB-40 gas.
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