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The contrast of the dust containing capacity in all sorts of inhaler standards i
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The contrast of the dust containing capacity in all sorts of inhaler standards is analysed
The contrast of the dust containing capacity in all sorts of inhaler standards is analysed
Summary: Introduced JG / ASHRAE52.1-1992 of / of T22-1999, ANSI, EN779: 2002, JISB9908: 2001 wait domestic and international the definition of the dust containing capacity of 4 standards and experiment method, to the termination that dust containing capacity experiments condition and computational method undertake contrasting analytic, point out the inadequacy of existence of our country standard, give out improve an opinion.
Keyword: Dust containing capacity defines experiment method to end conditional calculation method
Current, the inhaler is in air conditioning is ventilated systematic application is increasing, service life is one of index that people cares when choosing an inhaler. But be in actual in the service life of very difficult prescient inhaler, because this uses dust containing capacity normally,will evaluate it. Dust containing capacity can qualitative and the weight that cannot hold dust actually of mensurable report inhaler, when experiment condition and method are only same at the same time, the accident that ability evaluates different filter life according to data of dust containing capacity [1] .
As a result of a variety of reasons, in the past ten years, all professional lab and filter manufacturer have the throughout the country rarely the test of dust containing capacity experiments. At present JG / T22-1999 " general and ventilated with method of inhaler function experiment " [2] this one occupation standard is editing in, method of test of dust containing capacity is one of castigatory key content. The article combines JG / ASHRAE52.1-1992 of / of ANSI of T22-1999, United States [3] , European EN779: 2002 [4] , Japanese JISB9908: 2001 [5] there is representative standard to undertake the introduction and comparative analysis to the definition of dust containing capacity and experiment method quite in waiting for 4 to try check method in inhaler function, in order to aid at GB edit the job.
1. Each GB follows introduction of medium dust containing capacity
In JG / in T22-1999, the definition of dust containing capacity is: Suffer the artificial dirt gross of intercept of the place before trying filter to be in those who reach a trial to end a requirement, it is multiplied by the total mass sending this world of artificial dirt try filter at sufferring average plan heavy efficiency computation gets; The experiment method of dust containing capacity is: Contain through sending dirt device to send the artificial this world of certain amount suffer try filter and extreme filter (it is efficient filter commonly) in standard experiment air channel, after be being sent till artificial dirt, tear open next sufferring to try filter and extreme filter, say to weigh respectively, reach its pledge quantitative change spends an amount, calculate thereby piece suffer try filter plan heavy efficiency, repeat till suffer,have afore-mentioned move try filter to achieve eventually obstruction value, what seek a whole experiment course next is average plan heavy efficiency, finally by average plan heavy efficiency takes the dust containing capacity that gets sufferring trying filter at always sending dirt to measure.
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