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Of coke filter optimize design and move
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Of coke filter optimize design and move
Of coke filter optimize design and move
Du Shiliang of Korea state Li Li
(Open closed to turn a group 475002)

In process of production of ammonia of my company synthesis, give compressor although 3 paragraphs half water gas undertook dividing oily depart via oily segregator, but not complete, oily content still taller, pollute somewhat to solution of decarbonization activator MDEA, return those who reduced MDEA solution to absorb the effect and heat exchanger pass thermal efficiency, what affecting decarbonization system directly is normal move, also alternate to the pressurization that is about to build device brings serious harm to be thoroughly cleared oily pollution at the same time, those who ensure synthetic ammonia to purify a system is normal move, my company was in in June 2000 compressor 3 paragraphs of water-cooling implement hind increased filter of a coke, its structure refers to a graph carry secretly of 3 paragraphs half water gas wears a compressor to oily share falls in vain and go up when entering coke adsorption layer, the impurity such as among them oily portion takes ^ coke small hole and grain appearance and by coke place adsorption, half water gas classics purifies working procedure of junior person decarbonization. When coke adsorption reachs saturation, take off brine with saturation (104 ~ 110) is white go up and next rinsing coke layer, smeary the water that be rinsed is taken away. Oily portion reclaims via purifying, after coke is rinsed clean, undertake adsorption removes oil again.
When moving, every clean coke layer 1 times with desalination water. Need only every time 3, 5 Min, use desalination not must jockey to water replaces vapour to go up in vain and fall when rinsing rinse coke layer, those who avoided vapour center to take system of the order after oily mist enters decarbonization process and be being affected is normal move. The distributinging canal of saturated desalination water uses tube bank model (pressure) , tubal bottom opens 22 012 alveolus, liquid gush drenchs height is taken 0. 8m, make gush drenchs the water that come down is evener the ground distributings coke layer end face, raised structure of distributinging canal of liquid of second birth efficiency to be like a graph thereby 2 with the graph 3 are shown.

To make gas even the ground passes coke layer, starting a hole of its air inlet duct takes inclined lower part 3 starting a hole, if pursue,4 are shown. Bore diameter is crucian carp, number of starting a hole is 39, gross area of starting a hole is more than the 85 % of aeriform gross area.
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