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Air-conditioner group filter and the processing technique that heat exchange equ
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Air-conditioner group filter and the processing technique that heat exchange equipment writtens guarantee dirt knot dirties
Air-conditioner group filter and the processing technique that heat exchange equipment writtens guarantee dirt knot dirties
Shen Xueming
(Institute of ocean of engineering college of sea of the Huaihe River)
Chen Xiao is entered
(Jiangsu raise brings limited company of Electromechanical equipment engineering)
Summary: Filter and heat exchanger produce knot dirt and knot dirty, of aircrew of this pair of air conditioning move and economy of character both neither cannot assure normal use demand again. The harm sex that the article put forward air-conditioner group to written guarantee dirt and knot dirty, put forward to solve the method of the problem.
Keyword: Nozzle of heat exchanger of air-conditioner group filter writtens guarantee dirt knot dirties
1 foreword
Air-conditioner group (call air conditioning box again) after phenomenon of dirt of filter happening knot, can cause wind resistance to increase, efficiency of the fan becomes poor; And once heat exchanger produces phenomenon of dirty of knot dirt, knot, can bring about conduct heat the accretion of thermal resistance. And get for long of bilge corrode easy cause conduit compression function to become poor, appear even the phenomenon of systematic leak; And after knot of all of spray water system dirties, classics regular meeting causes nozzle to jam, the heat that affected gush water room badly exchanges efficiency. To improve the efficiency of air conditioning system, prolong the service life of equipment, the maintenance that designs to go easily simply device is accomplished maintaining air conditioning facility conveniently regularly is completely likely with what be necessary. And increase this suit buy we also need only additional acquire one solution cistern or change water pump of ordinary in season for acid-proof pump, in maintaining a course actually, be so extremely of economy.
The filter form with 2 air commonly used conditioner [L]
2. 1 first effect filter
Effect filter uses polyurethane of annulus of gauze, porcelain, spun glass, thick aperture commonly first expanded plastics or all sorts of man-made fibre serve as filter layer, comprise filter plus network and fixed frame. In recent years, without spin cloth to getting develop and be usinged. Afore-mentioned filter need to be cleaned artificially and change, clean the workload of filter to decrease, improve moving efficiency, can use transmission to circle a type filter. This kind of filter is main by gauze (fiber cloth) filter makings and filter makings coil composition. Screen pack is driven in main transfer machinery slow fast roll, stick dirt to be in oil groove proper motion is clear
Wash, and work continuously.
2. 2 in effect filter
This kind of filter chooses a diameter to make an appointment with LOp commonly. M is the fibre glass of or so, medium stoma polyethylene expanded plastics or the filter that make by the makings is filter such as acrylic fibbers, polypropylene fibber, dacron. In ply of different filter layer and filter fast below, filter those who get differring the effect. Filter to rise efficiency, increase processing wind force, often make drawer type or bag type filter component. Current, in effect filter already filter of fiber of phase in chemistry, makings of this kind of filter makes felt record, along filter density of fiber of makings ply direction differs, by thick arrive fine. Below same condition, chemical fiber filter and expanded plastics or photograph of makings of fibre glass filter are taller than having efficiency, resistance is little. Dust containing capacity is large wait for an advantage.
2. 3 efficient filter
Efficient filter basically uses the air conditioning system that Yu Chao asks completely, use as what filter eventually, should install before its first, intermediate before buy filter. The filter makings of this kind of filter is super- fine cotton fiber, exceed fine glass cotton to wait. These filter expect fiber diameter is less than 1 M commonly, shape of scrip of filter makings make it. To reduce resistance of going from place to place, add the diffusion effect of pair of small this world, use low strain fast (like 2. 0 ~ 2. 5cm / S) . For this paper for many times fold. Make its filter the 50 ~ that the area is ventilated area 60 times. After fold of filter paper of this kind of filter, the passageway among relies on ripple to divide spacer
Space. The live thing that efficient filter can use at avirulent requirement is clean room, those who realize pair of bacteria in air grit is effective catch market.
Dirty of 3 knots dirt, knot produces reason and harm
Besides the air conditioning system that exceeds net requirement, aircrew of air conditioning of general and comfortable sex often uses thick effect filter. The grit adsorption in the air in use process is on mesh, cause filter inevitably to jam, increased the resistance of air current, affect the efficiency of fan, serious when can cause fan pressure head insufficient, cannot achieve requirement sending wind, should clean mesh regularly so in order to satisfy the moving requirement of air-conditioner group. But in using a process actually. Oversight of partial construction unit defend convenient issue, and operation personnel is in safeguard, when running air-conditioner group, what how the consideration goes to the lavatory and also lengthen air conditioning aircrew only is odd run time. Tear open thick effect filter even sometimes below. After such aircrew run proper time, dust is in with respect to adsorption the wing of heat exchanger of air conditioning aircrew piece between, cause heat to exchange efficiency to drop thereby, send wind force acute to decrease. Additional, by. Be in at dust felt wing piece on, water of the condensation when the job cannot condense to develop and cannot drip smoothly toward bead shape drip tray, this also increased to conduct heat thermal resistance.
To the exterior type heat exchanger with cold amphibious heat. Hot intermediary uses hot water or vapour is in inevitably conduit interior knot dirties (basically be furring) . Because the λ of coefficient of thermal conductivity of wall of heat exchanger steel is bigger (K) of · of M of / of λ ≌ 50w, and the λ of coefficient of thermal conductivity of furring is very small (λ =1. 2 ~ 1. K) of · of 4W / M, have 2 former only. 4 ~ 2. 8 % . Conduct heat with respect to what bring about heat exchanger so thermal resistance increases, make the effect of air-conditioner group drops apparently. To gush water room character, dirty of knot dirt, knot also has serious effect likewise. We can heat up the element that exchanges efficiency to analyse from room of water of following influence gush:
(Up(u of 1) airy mass velocity is air velocity of flow, m / S; P is air density, kg / M) . The wing when filter or heat exchanger piece suffer after blocking up, the air mass flow that passes air-conditioner series decreases, air velocity of flow drops. The experiment proves, decrease as a result of what empty temperament measures flow and of air velocity of flow drop, the hot exchange efficiency of gush water room becomes poor.
(2) spray water system counts μ . Gush water coefficient is to show the water that treats place of every Kg air to use is measured. If pass the wind force of gush water room to be G(kg / La) , total injection flow rate is H) of W (kg / , criterion μ of gush water coefficient expresses to be: