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Velar edge colander is in small take the advantage of towel noise to apply
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Velar edge colander is in small take the advantage of towel noise to apply
Velar edge colander is in small take the advantage of towel noise to apply
Duckweed of luck of Li Lingyun Tan
(Limited company of Jiang Jingbo of Harbin beer peony 157009)
Velar filter applies to film to filter microbial analysis detects filter with film sterilization. Film filters microbial analysis detects is to had discarded filtrate, the bacterium on reservation filter film detects; And film filters sterilization is some more consistent to heating up quick sex liquid carbohydrate, actinomyces ketone, vitamin, undertake eliminating bacterium with filtering method, it uses bore diameter even smaller than the smallest bacterium cell filter film, will microbial filter eliminate, save filtrate. Film filters microbial detect analysis, apply to every milliliter little test system of bacterium of appearance rich collect at the Ling of body of a bacterium, this kind of method can be when microbial pollution rate is very low undertake be analyticed beforehand.
Main appliance and device:
(1) takes funnel filter velar support;
(2) takes filter unit: The small-sized vavuum pump, bottle that smoke filter;
(3) film: Diameter and support are corresponding
The sterilization before 1 film filter is used
The velar filter that the lab uses is stainless steel vacuum filtraction more implement, can use 30 minutes of 121 ℃ , damp and hot or sterilization of 2 hours of 160 % , dry heat commonly, also can be in water boil is used after 10 minutes of sterilization. But as a result of film filter and receive film is reached between bottle filter and join glue is in charge of between pump curtilage really, and there is rubber mat inside filter wearing and funnel lid, make take filter unit tear open outfit trouble and the sealing that uses high temperature sterilization to be able to affect washerbed down the livestock and glue canal for many times, use afore-mentioned methodological sterilization because this is not easy often to differ according to working purpose, the alcohol solution that can employ 75 % of 70 % ~ has sterilization to velar filter, alcohol should be used first before sterilization open after the surface of carefully abluent tie-in.
The sterilization before 1) microbial analysis detects: Because of reservation is filter film, the key of sterilization falls on funnel and cap (include stainless steel agglomeration piece) . The difficulty of sterilization is not great, but first 70 % ~ the alcohol solution of 75 % is entered filter is smoked inside funnel, pump as to, make reserve after blaze sterilization to funnel and cap next.
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