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Shallow talk about what filter pollutes to hydraulic pressure system to prevent
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Shallow talk about what filter pollutes to hydraulic pressure system to prevent accuse
Shallow talk about what filter pollutes to hydraulic pressure system to prevent accuse
Xue Hui
(In 5 place of Beijing of iron channel group limited company Beijing 100022)
Summary: As the wide application of hydraulic pressure technology in project machine. How to control systematic pollution effectively, become the first issue that decides project machine runs normally.
Keyword: Filter hydraulic pressure pollutes control
The control that hydraulic pressure system pollutes is perforative the design at hydraulic pressure system, make, its are the installation, whole process that use and defends, basic content and purpose basically are the precaution that passes pollution and control measure, make systematic pollution is spent maintain the pollution in component of systematic key hydraulic pressure to be able to bear or endure suffer degree of less than, achieve reasonable balance thereby, in order to assure the service life of the working dependability of hydraulic pressure system and component. The contaminant that the contaminant gross in hydraulic pressure system is equal to the original contaminant in the system to add the contaminant that invades a system to subtract disappear gets rid of one this shows, the contaminative control of oily to hydraulic pressure system fluid basically has two kinds of measure: It is to prevent contaminant to invade a system, 2 it is oily to the system fluid undertakes filtering depurative.
The precaution that system of 1 hydraulic pressure pollutes
1. 1 clean contaminant
Undertake be cleaninged thoroughly to component and system, the contaminant that in eliminating treatment to assemble a process, remains 1. 2 control contaminant is invaded take the step that avoids contaminant to invade a system, the contaminant that control invades from the outside oneA. In the air filter of tall efficiency of furnish of gasoline tank spiracleB. The new oil of infuse system must be passed filter strictly; C. Use high-powered sealed cell.
1. 3 use tall efficiency oil purifier
The oil purifier of tall efficiency is used in hydraulic pressure system, in working in order to make its are in, ceaseless filter produces the contaminant that invades with the outside except interior
The control that system of 2 hydraulic pressure pollutes
Set out from the viewpoint of technology and economy the contaminant in oily fluid of complete purify system is not actual the actualest choice be through effective pollution control measure makes the Chu of oily fluid catchs degree of pollution with systematic component to be able to bear or endure suffer spend between achieve reasonable. Chose filter reasonably to become the first issue that controls oily fluid pollution effectively from this
The action of 2 1 filter
Filter basically has in the action in hydraulic pressure system the following two: The pollution that is control component wears away 2 it is to prevent Chu to catch content to cause trouble before one kind of one filter asks to have enough filter high precision in principle should effective filter is close to trends of kinematic pair of key of contaminative sensing element except dimension the grain contaminant of oily film ply. What this kind of filter loads a system is main filter action, general installation is mixed in pressure oil path of the system in answering oil path. Hind the filter precision of a kind of action is inferior main effect is the element with specific protection, prevent big grain to contaminant enters component and cause the paroxysmal attaint of component or behavioral malfunction. The another auxiliary action of filter, accumulate the analysis that takes contaminant sort through going up to filter namely, the help is searched wear away place, as soon as possible undertakes the analysis of breakdown hidden trouble, undertake corresponding processing in time, nip in the bud
2. 2 filter choose a principleA. Have enough loss of big pressure of the ability that connect oil is smallB. Filter precision satisfies design requirement; C filter core has enough strength and offer corrupt capacity; D. Filter core corrosion resistance can be good can work effectively for a long time below formulary temperature; E. Of filter core change, clean reach maintenance to go to the lavatory
Crucial element can be able to bear or endure in the system of Lv of affirmatory take an examination when the main filter that selecting a system systematic oily fluid pollution is spent, systematic contaminant invades the pour element such as working requirement to wear away from pollution pilot viewpoint sets out, the grain that the precision of filter should assure to effectively filter is close to component motion to pay dynamic oil velar ply except dimension because once the grain of this kind of dimension enters kinematic pair ask unoccupied place inside will cause component surface to wear away and make hear unoccupied place increase, the grain that makes size larger thereby enters space, cause wear away further, cause serious tatty to connect
Lock reaction brings about the invalidation of component finally. The dimension of filter or discharge can decide commonly according to systematic discharge, but the service life that considers filter core even. The condition with fixed rate is invaded to fall in contaminant, the pollution of systematic oily fluid spends hydraulic pressure to basically depend on of filter filter precision however the filterability that the filterability of filter often can is like the bypass leak of the flow fluctuation inside hydraulic pressure system and filter filter core to will reduce filter by the influence of a few real factors can.
2. The position of 3 filter reachs a kindA. Filter depends on in the position in hydraulic pressure loop had loaded
The purpose of colander:
Because pollute foreheading bead to come from a lot of different pollution sources to only the filter with a size and appropriate precision holds the advanced position of component directly, ability provides the protection of utmost to component. If the function of filter is control,the pollution in loop spends a filter to be able to be installed in random one is in charge of a road in. B. The type of filter depends on its position in the system
Filter of ① oil absorption
Attract contaminant the person from gasoline tank oil absorption to prevent hydraulic pump, be in charge of filter of oil absorption of traditional Chinese clothes in oil absorption mouth or oil absorption commonly. Immersion of oil absorption filter is in gasoline tank is bottom, jam and be caused extremely easily to suck empty phenomenon by contaminant accordingly, use mesh type filter commonly in oil absorption mouth its action basically is used at holding back big grain contaminant to enter hydraulic pump, return at the same time but effectively purify in suspension the bleb at oily fluid.
Filter of oil path of pressure of filter of ② pressure oil path basically is used at the crucial element in protection system. It must can bear highest pressure of the system, the instantaneous maximum pressure that and ability suffers generates during the system works. The restriction that this filter needs a respect in pressure is very not strict.
③ answers oily filter to answer oily filter is low-pressure device commonly can install answering vitta road or gasoline tank to go up, the contaminant that it generates to the system only undertakes controlling
Because during the system is working, filter of blowhole of ④ gasoline tank can suck a person to comparative the abrasive sex contaminant of the quantity, add accordingly outfit aerate filter is necessary but should enough connecting sheds ability, make sure gasoline tank aerates smooth.