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Filter of slide type fiber applies mediumly in water treatment
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Filter of slide type fiber applies mediumly in water treatment
Filter of slide type fiber applies mediumly in water treatment
Zhang Min
(Chemistry of Liaoning power plant distinguishs a works, liaoning n 113007)
Summary: The pretreatment of water is deepness eliminates the indispensable segment in saline craft, what the stand or fall of this process affects the effect of next deepness water treatment and ion exchange unit directly is normal move. In the pretreatment of water, filtering is a very important process. Change those who learn the filter that distinguish a works to use in the light of Liaoning power plant, replace a process, the introduction that uses filter makings phylogeny through opposite colander place and makings of traditional and graininess filter and makings of contemporary and new-style filter, , fiber is applying medium contrast actually, elaborate the advantage that fiber filter expects. In the meantime, through answering actually
With, the structural characteristic that is aimed at filter of filter of fiber of capsule extruding type and slide type fiber and actual application circumstance undertake comparative, reflect the applied sex with better in water treatment process filter of slide type fiber.
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The sort of the impurity in natural water is very much, these impurity can be divided accordingly into suspension content, colloid and solution substance according to the size of dispersive qualitative grain. Because firepower power plant is right the demand of water quality is very high, because this need has depth to water,purify. After coagulation of natural water classics, precipitation is handled, although eliminate the content of major in suspension in water and colloid impurity, but still have amid of a few petty suspension grain remain, produce undesirable effect to craft of next deepness water treatment to decrease, those who assure ion exchange device is normal move, use filtering method normally the suspension impurity in farther eliminate water. Use what expect for filter with graininess material to filter mostly before technology, now as filter technical development, fiber filter makings filters with its precision tall, cut corrupt the size is large, move to give the advantage of muscularity and replace graininess filter to expect gradually.
What 1 filter uses the comparison of filter makings
Filtering traditionally graininess material is used to be filter makings mostly in the technology, the filter device that uses material of this kind of filter is simpler, and restore its to filter with the method that washs instead easily after filter layer invalidation ability, but the limitation that expects as a result of graininess filter, make the cut of filter corrupt ability, filter speed gets with quality giving water very big limitation. The fasciculus that makes by filament is the traditional filter makings that appears in last few years replace a product, it discharges cloth with certain density in filter, because its fiber size is small, exterior accumulating is bigger, have bigger interfacial adsorption thereby. Because fibrous plasticity makes its can have been in in filtration Cheng,realize density adjustment, the graininess filter that makes the smallest hole between filter layer fiber is less than traditional filter to use far expects (if quartz is arenaceous,wait) hole, because of its cut corrupt capability is very strong, achieve the goal of deep bed filtration thereby. In the meantime, when moving because of its, exert oneself bigger (if quartz arenaceous filter exerts oneself,be H of 60 T / , of fiber filter exert oneself can amount to H) of 95 T / , reason overcame graininess filter makings to filter precision gets the problem such as bead diameter limitation, fiber already was applied extensively in filter now. Chemistry of Liaoning power plant divides factory initial stage to be given priority to in order to use filter of fiber of capsule extruding type, below brief introduction this kind of next one filter.
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