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Environmental appraisal as the industrial structure of Hainan "filter"
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December 8, the reporter in the National Environmental Impact Assessment, held working meeting was informed that the province in advancing the construction project environmental impact assessment work, adherence to the EIA mark, to promote the aggregation of industrial projects and industrial restructuring and upgrading, as Hainan the industrial structure of the "filter." It is understood that the competent department of the province of the EIA the Ministry of strict compliance with environmental requirements, explicitly prohibited out of state to prohibit the construction, does not meet the national industrial policy, excess capacity and low-level redundant construction projects ready for implementation; access and strict environmental impact assessment projects, the environment is strictly prohibited serious pollution, poor product quality, high energy consumption, high material consumption, high water consumption and pollutant discharge standards of the project can not be launched. Province also maintains environmental impact assessment and the "three simultaneous" (construction project control pollution, the main project must be designed, constructed and put into use) strict implementation of the system and improve the environment, barriers to entry, promoting the industry aggregation and the project to upgrade the industry structure adjustment. Currently, the major polluting enterprises in our province are located in the western province 5 industrial park, is conducive to centralized control of pollution, centralized processing and recycling. The integration of a small rubber factory also focus on the implementation of the pollution. The province's land reclamation 87 16 Rubber Factory integrated into a new plastic plant on the scale, and improve waste water recycling system to enhance the return water, reducing COD emissions, basically realized "the limited sources of pollution control in a certain area, the main pollutant emission control within certain limits, "the" two control "targets, while achieving the optimization of industrial structure, give full play to the EIA's" filter "effect. Vice Governor Jiang Sixian, Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Wu Xiaoqing attended the meeting.
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