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Most of the filters are still in operation in China Google denies exit
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Google's game with the Chinese government has entered the second week because of speculation that Google has decided to withdraw from the network monitoring problems in China. Google said last week it was considering withdrawing from the Chinese market, Google sites were the result of carefully planned attacks, resulting in data theft of its intellectual property. Google Chinese search engine that is no longer content filtering google.cn, Google will work with the Chinese government to comply with the law without creating a search engine filters to negotiate or to withdraw from the Chinese market. Most of the filters google.cn is still in operation on Sunday, but the search for control of certain sensitive events appears to be loosening. Google announced the news may be out of China has attracted the attention of China's 384 million Internet users, blog and the Chinese media quoted an anonymous insider as saying that Google has decided to close its office in China. Google denied this news, saying the network from being attacked in mid-December, the company is still on the domestic network filtering. Google also said the next few weeks will hold talks with the Chinese government. The Chinese government sought to play down the news of Google out of China, said there are many ways to solve the problem, including Google, but insisted that all the foreign companies must abide by Chinese laws. The U.S. government says China will send a diplomatic note formally ask the Chinese government to explain the issue of network attacks.
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