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British international can last 2009 energy technology and equipment trade fair
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British international can last 2009 energy technology and International Sustainability Live of equipment trade fair
One, show time: In May 2009 19-21 day (annual)
2, show a location: British Birmingham (NEC international exhibits a center)
3, content of item on display: This is exhibited is British history the longest, dimensions can last the most famously greatly most energy technology and equipment trade fair, this is exhibited can set 4 major to exhibit a theme, to assure its of each themes professional reach commerce sex, sponsor set respective major to exhibit an area in the light of these 4 themes, specific as follows: (ginseng exhibit an enterprise to want a foundation item on display is attributive the area is exhibited to exhibit in each major) .
1, technology of new energy resources and equipment theme exhibit an area (NEMEX –Energy And Renewable Energy Expo) :
(the 26th) item on display includes:
Air refrigeration technology reachs device; Biology fuel product reachs device; Build energy-saving new material; Energy-saving control reachs an instrument; Pyroelectricity couplet supplies a system (heat energy generates electricity) ; Data processing reachs management; The sources of energy makes full use of system and equipment; The sources of energy stores equipment; Light gas and electric power to supply equipment and system (LNG, LPG, CNG) ; Gas and wattmeter capacity equipment (gas watch, ammeter) ; New energy resources; Solar energy equipment (the solar battery) , equipment of smooth hot season; Wind energy equipment.
The world well-known company that 08 ginseng exhibit has: Gazprom; Total Gas & Power; Danfoss Heat Pumps UK; Birtish Energy; Enersol; Bosch
2, technology of international water treatment reachs device, fluid theme exhibits an area (IWEX- Water & Effluent) England is the biggest the most professional
(The 22nd) item on display includes:
Water treatment technology reachs device; Water pollution control reachs an instrument; Chemical reagents; Water filters reach detached technology and device (filter, net) ; Safety defends; System of industrial sewage disposal; Water lab equipment; Conduit is slack detect reach control; Water is metric equipment (water meter) ; Water deodorization technology reachs device; Conduit, cop and sewage drainpipe net; Pump product (water pump) , valve (water a powerful person) ; Sewerage; In water sedimentary processing; Water store equipment (cistern, boat) .
The world well-known company that 08 ginseng exhibit has: ABB Ltd; Atlas Copco Ltd; British Pump Manufacturers' Association (BPMA) ; GE Sensing; Keller (UK) Limited; Siemens Plc; Zoeller Pump Co. ; British Water; Pump Supplies;
3, technology of international environmental protection and equipment theme exhibit an area (ET-Environmental Technology)
Commerce of the biggest theme exhibits (the 17th) item on display includes:
Air pollutes monitoring technology and equipment; Industry pollutes control; Make full use of energy technology and equipment; The instrument reachs monitoring; Environmental protection software; Environmental protection association; Industry can effect processing; Car of new energy resources (CNG, ” of car of natural gas of NGV—Nature Gas Vehicle“ ) ; trash handles special device machinery.
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