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Exhibition of natural gas of 2009 Pakistan oil
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Exhibition of oil of 2009 Pakistan international, natural gas
In May 2009 18-21 day
Kalajibo sees a center
Sponsor an orgnaization: Pakistan can exhibit advisory company
China acts as agent: Round-the-world meeting exhibits the luck in Beijing service limited company
Support an orgnaization: Oil and rich ministry water and the sources of energy of bureau of investment of Electricity Department Pakistan develop a department

Exhibit meeting and market information:
POGEE establishs 2002, annual, be international oil gas and energy industry outbalance is professional one of exhibition, be in in South Asia area is far-reaching. The oil of Pakistan, natural gas and energy industry grow in recent years swift and violent, in be located in as a result of it inferior with Arabia sea hand in collect place, and border with on the world two the biggest developing country China and India, so famous to the world oil, natural gas and energy company have very big appeal.
Exhibited last year share on the meeting come from world each district 214 enterprises enter 30 countries, have 7 what come from 27 countries and area in all, many 000 audience comes round to look around, showpiece net area exceeds 8000 to make the same score rice.
POGEE exhibits those who get the government sector such as bureau of ministry of Pakistan oil and rich ministry, water and electricity, investment to support energetically, and joined 2007 exhibit the 65% has booked 9 years stall in business, so reason believes, no matter the POGEE 2009 is to exhibit meeting dimensions or audience number respect to will innovate again tall.
In last few years, the economic increase rate of Pakistan is achieved on average 6.5% , it is one of states that economic energy has most on the world. Oil and natural gas are the natural resources of two great main energy resources of Pakistan, held the 80% above of total energy demand. Current, the crude output of Pakistan is 66095 pails / day, predict in the near future in can add reach 100 thousand pails / day. Considering the growth potential of Ba Shi oily domain, foreign company raised 267 million dollar in the investment of this domain 2006. Natural gas respect, the output of Pakistan grew 65% in last few years, at present everyday crop amounts to 3.8 billion cubic metre foot, and cling to company of two big natural gas plans medium investment to predict every year to will amount to 300 million dollar in the near future.
Electric power respect, the total installed capacity of Pakistan is 19435 million to cover with tiles at present. The capital that the government invests every year to go up in electrified wire netting is annual not less than 200 million dollar. Cling to capacitance of current hair of water and electricity covers with tiles for 6463 million, in additionally 3500 million tile is planning, the large dams investment that is the future of this form a complete set 20 years will be as high as 20.4 billion dollar, world bank has borrowed money for this 900 million dollar. Pakistan still is the 8th big country of world yield coal, raw coal reserves amounts to 185 billion tons. Current, pakistan still plans to pass solid state rubbish and coal production to give the electric power with 1000 made of baked clay million.
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