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The 11st China exhibition of water treatment of austral border water supply, flu
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The 11st China exhibition of water treatment of austral border water supply, fluid and pump valve, conduit
2009.6.24-26 Shenzhen can exhibit a center
Approve an unit: Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of China
Sponsor an unit: Guangdong province Science and Technics Agency, Guangdong saves city of bureau of Wu of water of town of environmental protection bureau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou to build council of science and technology
Assist run an unit: Petro-chemical total factory, Guangdong saves Guangzhou of petrifaction of society of Wu of Hong Kong water, China reconnaissance of city of petro-chemical academy, Shenzhen designs association
Support an unit: Association of light industry of province of desalt of seawater of arrange of Wu of water of government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China and water recycle society, Guangdong is bottled the orgnaization of more than 10 major such as drinking water association, nearly 200 publicize media
Undertake unit: Guangdong can exhibit promotion limited company (international exhibition management and member of project association IAEE)

Aid you to extend the market, show the brand value, superexcellent and professional platform that retains powerful competition ability
Water of WATER’2009 Hua Na is exhibited is film and water treatment, commerce and family of sphere of equipment of water of material of canal of equipment of clean water, fluid, water supply, conduit, section internationally professional grand meeting, show the product with this newest domain and service in the round, provide efficient business affairs collaboration and communication platform for industry.
WATER’2008 achieved the growth of 35% , attracted the 250 Yu Jiazhan business that come from 21 countries and area and many 9000 professional audience, GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Dow, 3 water chestnut, power enlighten, triumphant can, Yileke, Abbot, Haiaosi, beautiful nit, macrobian village, send can, Atmstrong, Spirax, Watts, Zenit, KSB, Speck, deduce the newest hotspot of water domain jointly.
The business affairs platform of mainstream enterprise and policymaker, WATER 2009 nots allow to miss
Classics of ★ all previous is made meticulously 11 years- - domain of Chinese water industry is the longest reach professional one of the strongest grand meeting
★ brand of tip of 300 more than China and foreign countries gathers- - develop newest product, technology and service
12000 ㎡ of ★ , get on 1000 kinds to taste assemble newly- - offer optimal solution
Conference of more than 10 learning and technology recommend ★ meeting- - science and technology of focusing forward position
★ close quarters contacts many 10000 China and foreign countries to buy the home and audience- - come from water supply factory, scientific research design an orgnaization, eletroplate, the industry such as electron, building, steely, metallurgy, petrifaction, papermaking, electric power, pharmacy, hotel
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