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Arenaceous club / filter of double couplet of _ of arenaceous core filter
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This arenaceous marvellous filter, filter of name arenaceous core, the sealed container that makes with 1Cr18Ni9Ti or SUS304 armor plate and contented are qualitative arenaceous filter club assembles form a complete set and become, filter issues 2 on cent, intermediate buy is put lie between water board together. (board of the pan of a steelyard, fine-toothed comb) the device that lying between water board is fixed filter club namely, have a liquid again (include water) filter action of around dividing line.
Arenaceous filter club (weigh arenaceous core again) the department chooses raw material of poriferous pottery and porcelain to be become via high temperature agglomeration. Good body has a lot of subtle opening, it is filter play filters the main body part of action, achieve the settleclear lightness that raises filtrate body and water through arenaceous filter filters marvellously.
Arenaceous marvellous filter is used at tap water, or of the deep well water that has pressure unit filter, effectively block bacterium and material of surplus of eliminate water horizontally pivoted hung, do not need to burn boil the water quality that can take accord with national drinking water regulations. (national water water gauge is accurate: Bacterial total value fosters 24 hours in 37 degrees, 1 fine long hair does not exceed 100 in premium, coliform index is less than 3 in every liter water, or coliform is worth not under 300 milliliter) .
General habit calls the water after filtering arenaceous filter water, can offer the school, public place of entertainment, large assembly, industrial and mining enterprises direct and drinkable or make up cool and refreshing beverage. To saving fuel, labor power, expenses effect is distinct.
Should filter to apply extensively still at making industry of Qing Dynasty of filter of fluid of wine of wine line of business, pharmacy take off industry of charcoal, electron high pure cloth of course of study of water pretreatment, aquiculture is angry, with processing of water quality of etc industry segment, air filters etc, be a kind of ideal filter equipment, the welcome uses promotion.
This double couplet filter applies to eliminate delicacy of the each eye inside the bucket is invisible solid content in the liquid such as juice of grandma, sugar, beverage purify. Two filter are alternant and applicable, but ceaseless machine changes filter cloth, apply to long-term serial production.

Facility construction principle:
This equipment uses stainless steel to make entirely, it is composition of 2 columnar buckets, department monolayer stainless steel solders structure, inside and outside expresses face polish, coping contains air bleeder, so that of the deflate when the job with.
Pipe joint uses compound connection, via 0.3MPa hydraulic experiment, switch of faucet of the 3 whorl outside connecting is quick, this facility construction is compact, the operation is convenient, maintenance is simple.
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