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Filter of water of the beautiful jade that hold Ma in the palm - on lucky brilli
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Filter of water of the beautiful jade that hold Ma in the palm - on lucky brilliant gets Shui Baobao to use technology of day, beautiful new-style biochemistry, be aimed at the feature of chloric, heavy metal and organic matter, use unique design recipe: KDF, on lucky brilliant gets ball of pottery and porcelain of the vivid particle, beautiful jade that hold Ma in the palm to make. This product volume is minor, processing water amount is large, every filter core can treat the water of 15000 gallon, achieve international advanced level; And divide chloric rapid, be as high as 99% above except chloric efficiency; Complete DIY is designed, installation is simple, use convenient, it is the first selection that domestic kitchen washs bath to use water.

Amount to except chloric effect 90% divide heavy metal, oxygen is contained to measure in producing mineralization of young member round water to magnetize activated water to add water character except foreign matter

Product characteristic:

1, can filtering water, refluent oneself rinses water, raw water random is changed between 3 kinds of water.
2, flux is big, water resistance is little, but filter goes the chloric, heavy metal in water and impurity, prevent it to cause a harm to human body, and increase oxygen amount is contained in water, make sure health uses water.
3, have washing function of retrorse and refluent oneself, keep clear of at any time filter water implement in the furring of accumulation, assure filter core divide chloric efficiency.
4, ABS of class of filter use edible is high temperature resistant material, assure on the safe side.
5, the user can change regularly by oneself filter core, the operation is convenient and simple, low-cost.
6, filter quality of provision of water classics state is supervised examine center (Shanghai) reach Shanghai quality to supervise examine technical academy detects, rate of more than chloric purify is amounted to 90% , the quantity that contain oxygen increases 300% . China holds Www.tuomalin.com.cn of net of Ma beautiful jade in the palm

What is KDF material?

KDF is a copper and zincic bits try to mix and be become. Its working way is the contaminative source in treat water with the means that exchanges electronic oxidation. Because 2 kinds of material are undertaking copper, zinc ceaselessly,commutative electron oxidizes reductive.

The target that KDF basically treats is the heavy metal impurity in water and organic pollution source, be like with go against infiltrate a system and use, can prolong the life of RO film effectively. KDF is used in the front of core of active carbon filter, underwater is chloric had arrived before active carbon already was taken off by KDF 95% ; Let active carbon can the other impurity that effectively purify water country remains, on the technology, it can be located in the life of carbon of long-term job sex effectively to achieve 15 times.

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