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Filter of derv engine particle
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Diesel engine still is the most effective internal-combustion engine, because this is used extensively at pervading,the heavy truck of the whole world is mixed the car that be not a road. In recent years the addition with the derv engine acuteness also use in the passenger car, the new car that registers in Western Europe at present already approached the peak of 51.9% (about 7 million) . Although be in the United States,the scale of the derv car of the sale is less than 2 % , as a result of fuel price rise the sensitivity that reachs pair of greenhouse gas to discharge, believe before long the interest to derv car will increase further in the future. The azotic oxide in considering diesel engine exhaust (NOx) and particle (PM) is breakneck to health, will come to suit of global limits discharge a standard, particle of such as diesel engine captures the technology of exhaust emission control such as depart of the oxide that reach nitrogen will be must. The PM that diesel engine discharges can pass the combustion with better engine (high temperature and oxygen are superfluous) will reduce, however of NO discharge increase (call PM-NOx eclectic) , because this code restricts the contaminant of both. Two kinds of possible methods achieve the restriction of PM/NOx: PM filter or NOx processing (both is used at the same time in the future) . Well-known the alternative activator of the SCR(NOx that is used at power plant is reductive law) technology, introduce since 2005 use in European commerce vehicle, standard of Ⅳ of contented already Europe (2005) with Europe Ⅴ standard (2008) . Be in the United States, the majority in vehicle of heavy diesel oil must equip 2007, in order to satisfy the standard of orgnaization of American environmental protection. To the car, PM filter has come true later from 2000, its market also anticipates show growth of a huge, forecast the car that replaces in German PM filter to make an appointment with 700 thousand. Control comprehensive review of the technology about diesel engine exhaust, release regularly in SAE publication.

The principle of DPF and action

Particle and filter:

As a result of the incomplete combustion of fuel of the diesel engine in engine, the diesel engine that discharges an all sorts of types is atomic (PM) , its composition is carbon, inorganic oxide and hydrocarbon, include a few poisonous much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) , these particle by dimension the primitive particle of 5 ~ 20nm is comprised, and agglomeration becomes measure 50 ~ 150nm is round, its dimension and composition suffer engine, fuel, additive and the effect that its move in vent-pipe.

_ particle definition is less than 10 μ M for dimension (PM10) or 2.5 μ M (PM2.5) , code asks to pledge to all emission the method that filter and analyses through weight undertakes detecting, if the likelihood is used,detect appropriately device, the abiding discussion that accept rice grain affects to health, mix about grain amount to will coming probably the limitation of dimension produces a change.
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