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Cimtek is industrial oily filter / filter core (bibulous / dehydration)
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Cim-Tek®Mu peaceful overcomes filter on the west
Mu peaceful overcomes Cim-Tek® on the west company (CentralIllinoisManufacturing Company) held water at the United States 1956 Yilinuosi city. Company product is high quality filter system, include:
Oil fuel filter•Industrial oily filter•Biology fuel filter•Filter of Sen Teen large flow•Power gold is large filter•Adapter•Clear canister equipment

Suitable scope:
Basically apply at oily industry of oil fuel industry, industry and biology fuel industry
Oil fuel: The finished product such as benzine, derv is oily; Alcohol / derv, methanol / the mixture fuel such as derv
Industrial oily: Industrial oil, industrial oily additive, hydraulic pressure oil, base oil, grease, lube, engine oil, refrigerator oil, shock-proof oil, 剎 car is oily, cutting fluid, metallic treatment, hydraulic pressure oil, antifreeze, refrigerant fluid, damp oil, gear oil, mineral oil base oil, compressor is oily, transformer oil, vavuum pump oil, turbine oil, solvent naphtha, pure mineral oil, PAO gets together rare hydrocarbon synthesis is oily, get together ether synthesis is oily, alkyl benzene is oily, but biology degradation fat kind oily, spindle oil, provision level hydraulic pressure is oily, , turbine oil, circular oil, transmission oil, provision level transmits oil, compressor is oily, freezer compressor is oily, compressor of carbolic hydrogen gas is oily, process oil, transformer oil, white oil, conduct heat oily, shape oil

Product quality:
Have only in the product of millions be less than the fault rate of 0.2% on average, fine is tasted rate be as high as 99.8% .
Cim-Tek® has passed ISO9001, attestation of ISO2000 quality system

Industry position
Cim-Tek® is one furniture has 50 years of research and development and the international of production experience famous manufacturer, can offer complete filter range of products, all sorts of standard interface can satisfy the requirement of disparate industry product

•Hold concurrently bibulous / the assorted function that dehydration and impurity filter.
•Jam when filter core, should press difference urgent rise suddenly, by-pass valve is automatic open, open oil path additionally, prevent damage.
•Have add thick case, raise compression to fight concussion ability to apply to the domain such as project machinery equipment, plant equipment and shipping hydraulic pressure

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