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Retroflexion automatically dustproof filter system (ARF) below the pine - PX770N
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The pine fell 2007 (electric equipment) China gives Xianggeliladi in the light of development of Chinese education market projector of 3 acting liquid crystal: Panasonic-PX770NTPX770PX760PX750. This series projector makes what the person pays close attention to most is it was used " retroflexion automatically dustproof filter system " (ARF) , resolved the educational market higher demand to projector, especially the special demand of dustproof respect.

Among them, the PT-PX770NT below the pine has resolution of brightness of 3200 lumen ISO, XGA, 400: 1 contrast, weight 5.8 kilograms. It is the pine falls newest 3 generation taste the sweet case lira that roll out newly to represent type mediumly, improved in the round dustproof medicinal powder heat energy force, have function of sole strong smooth reaction, and have a network umbriferous function, can realize browser of local area network to be controlled remotely / function of caution of information of monitoring, email, and terminal of compatible and wired local area network controls consultative PJLink TM unifiedly (CLASS1) .

Weight suited the PT-PX770NT of hoisting to offer rich port, input terminal respect includes to RGB inputs × 2, string together input of mouth, RJ-45, compound video, S- video, frequency; Output terminal respect includes to have RGB and frequency output, but many sided satisfies those who abound the peripheral of diversification to receive refute to demonstrate. The particular function of the PT-PX770NT below the pine can consult here.

PT-PX770NT carried exclusive research and development " retroflexion automatically dustproof filter system (ARF) " , can filter through electrostatic and adsorptive means air, turn over lick mesh automatically regularly, furl the part that is polluted, make screen pack keeps clean from beginning to end, avoid to bring about projector brightness because of the influence of dirt to reduce. ARF system cooperates brand-new bulb drive system and design of whole sealing crust to be able to make projector retains tall brightness for long, can come true 3000 hours to avoid safeguard artificially. The trouble that safeguards daily need not worry after the user is bought.

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