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The development of machine of vacuum filtraction of HTG pottery and porcelain
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The appearance of machine of vacuum filtraction of compositive pottery and porcelain of machine of vacuum filtraction of pottery and porcelain and photograph of machine of disk type vacuum filtraction are similar, basically cross system of filter plate, canalage, rinsing equipment and automation system to wait for composition by chamfer of oar of component of rotor, beater, drawknife, makings, alloter, pottery and porcelain.   

Makings oar chamfer by stainless steel board solder and become, bear the weight of since the action of makings oar, beater expects in mix up of the agitate inside makings oar chamfer oar, avoid to expect the oar is deposit; Installation of filter plate of pottery and porcelain is on rotor, rotor by two bearing bearing. In decelerate machine drive, with 0.5 ~ 2 turn / Min rotates, makings oar falls in vacuum action, adsorption crosses filter plate to go up in pottery and porcelain, filter cake is blown by drawknife below, take away by conveyer, filtrate reachs vacuum barrel through alloter, wash pottery and porcelain to pass filter plate through canalage system recoil by filter pump, filter pump installation must be more than 3m place below vacuum bucket, can assure so from vacuum filtrate is taken out inside the bucket.   

Form a complete set of machine of vacuum filtraction of pottery and porcelain computer supervisory system, this system uses machine of control of estate of chemical industry of module of PC bus line to deserve to send with all sorts of changing implement, valve of pneumatic of transducer, multichannel, fluid implement wait for an instrument. When switching on the mobile phone, makings oar valve by expect an appearance monitoring, control stuff oar expects a discretion, vacuum bucket filtrate by fluid appearance detects, should come exalted fluid, labour accuses machine the bypass valve that opens filter pump outlet quickly, fast catchment. Pressure of canalage system, gas route system changes by all sorts of pressure send implement monitor. Rotate speed of engine of main shaft decelerate, rotate speed of agitate decelerate engine all passes transducer timing, achieve without extremely gearshift.   

Pottery and porcelain crosses what the place of machine of vacuum filtraction of development pottery and porcelain of filter plate chooses to filter medium is pottery and porcelain to pass filter plate, need not filter cloth, stay between the drawknife when blowing mud and pottery and porcelain have space of 0.4mm ~ 0.8mm, in order to prevent mechanical wear, prolong service life. Cross filter plate to must satisfy 3 requirements as pottery and porcelain: The first, small Kong Kongjing is not more than 2 μ M; The 2nd, material of pottery and porcelain must have hydrophily character; The 3rd, material must have enough strength character. Current, we choose the capable person of alumina pottery and porcelain that has hydrophily to pledge, interstitial rate is controlled in 35 % . Accordingly, had been in in filtration Cheng, exterior tension produces between water and the pottery and porcelain that kiss water, this produces wool stoma phenomenon, make the liquid is full of from beginning to end inside small hole, when pump vacuum, filtrate passes small hole, and air cannot be passed however.   
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