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Equipment chooses basic principle
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The choice of environment and dependability test equipment should abide by the following 5 basic principles:
1, the repeatability of ambient conditions
The ambient conditions that accurately emersion nature exists is the thing of the within sight but beyond reach. But, it is in certain tolerance limits, product of engineering of imitate of people is completely OK and right and similar ground is being used, the keep in storage, outside ambient condition that carries the place in waiting for a process to endure. This paragraph of word is generalized with the language of the project, namely " the around periphery of product be tryinged ambient conditions that test equipment place creates (contain platform environment) the requirement of the ambient conditions that standard of experiment of should contented product sets and its tolerance " . If be used at war industry product,the temperature box of the experiment should satisfy national army mark not only GJB150.3 - 86, GJB150.4 - 86 in the uniformity with different basis and the demand that temperature controls precision. Only such, ability assures the repeatability in the ambient conditions in environmental experiment.
2, of ambient conditions but repeatability
Equipment of an environment test may use at same kind product experiment for many times, and an engineering product that is tried is in possibly also different environment has a test in test equipment, the environmental experiment requirement that to make sure same table product is in same test standard sets issues the comparable sex of income test result, the ambient conditions that place of equipment of test of inevitable requirement environment offers is had but repeatability. This that is to say, employ of environmental test equipment at be being experimented the stress level of the product (wait like thermal stress, oscillatory stress, report stress) normative to same test requirement is consistent. Place of environmental test equipment offers ambient conditions but repeatability is the calibrating regulations calibrating that by the country technology of country of basis of metric calibrating branch supervises orgnaization place to make offer after qualification assure. For this, the each technology index in must asking environmental test equipment can satisfy calibrating regulations reachs the requirement of precision index, and be being used the time limit that calibrating cycle sets does not exceed on time. If use very general dynamoelectric shake table to divide,satisfy stimulate brace up outside the technical index such as limits of force, frequency, laden ability, the transverse vibration that still must set in contented calibrating regulations is compared, the requirement of the precision index such as distortion factor of mesa acceleration uniformity, harmonic, and every time the use cycle after calibrating is 2 years, more than 2 years must investment of the ability after new calibrating is eligible is used.
3, of ambient conditions parameter can measure charge a sex
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