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Principle of action of automatic blowdown filter and characteristic
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Filter installation is in the system that use water, eliminate impurity, in order to make sure other equipment of the system moves normally, this filter is had rinse automatically, eliminate foreign matter function. Filter basically is comprised by device of filter canister, cylindrical shell, butterfly a powerful person, blowdown, filter canister uses grille of appropriative stainless steel to make. When filter works, valve is in open condition, medium by entrance filter, filter to export through filter canister, when filter needs blowdown, valve is gotten at closing position, medium also filters via filter canister, pass clearance of periphery of board of a powerful person to change flow direction, shed classics filter canister reversely, at the same time open blowdown a powerful person removes impurity, whole process system can move normally. Filter asks to install bypass, bypass conduit and imports and exports all need to install valve, narrate with principle place by labour, use board of a powerful person to change current way, undertake rinsing blowdown automatically.
1. Clean a function oneself
Use reactive blowdown means, automatic opposite mesh undertakes cleaning, do not need to disassemble, clean, also do not need to be configured additionally clean a system.
2. Function of successive water supply
Filter need not stop machine, can regular job leaves in total flow, maintain high flow namely, have low pressure to fall again, because velocity of flow is low,avoided and the exterior besmirch that cause.
3. Install performance characteristics
Direct installation is on system tubal a network, do not need any structures that prop up, save a space. Use convenient, report is omited when the province.
4. Service life
Screen pack and current turn to a powerful person to all use data of ICr18Ni9Ti stainless steel anti-corrosive, intensity is high, service life is long.
5. filters area big

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