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Technology of cladding of function of machine equipment surface
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One, technical overview
Technology of cladding of new-style surface function, incorporate technology of coating of microtherm chemistry surface and technology of modified of surface of layer of exceeding operational depth, it applies physics, chemistry or wait for technical measure physico-chemically to change " material reachs his to make an exterior component and constituent structure " , its characteristic is the trait that retains base material solid to have, gift again all sorts of function that become apparent place asks, get used to environments of all sorts of technical kimono battle thereby the special requirement to material, consequently it is to create most as active as material course technology field, it is the alternate subject that involves finishing and coating technology. Its largest dominant position is in give base material at can using up preparation with few material and the sources of energy hard the exterior layer with unavailable even superior performance, obtain the biggest economic benefits thereby, it is a kind of high grade and efficient surface modified and coating technology.
High grade, efficient surface modified and coating technology its range is wide: Be like thermochemistry surface technology; Physical gas phase is deposit; Chemical gas phase is deposit; Technology of deposit of physico-chemical gas phase; High-energy wait for technology of coating of surface leaving put oneself in another's position; Diamond film coating; Multivariate and multilayer compound coating technology; Exterior modified and coating function are forecasted reach cut grow a technology; Function test and life are evaluated etc.
Technology of deposit of gas phase of chemistry of new-style low temperature introduces plasma to enhance a technology, make its thermal drop reachs 600 degrees the following, acquire new technology of horniness wear-resisting coating, produces high strenth, high-powered coating craft, there is special effect in machining a domain high speed, heavy load, hard.
Applicable of technology of modified of surface of layer of exceeding operational depth at great majority heat treatment with finishing, can replace high frequency quench, carbolic nitrogen in all ooze, the craft such as ionic nitriding, get deeper ooze layer, taller wearability, product life leap, can produce revolutionary functional change.
2, the current situation and trend of domestic and international development
As the development of fundamental industry and product of new and high technology, the demand to modified of high grade, efficient surface and coating technology to depth outspread, it is domestic and international below the condition that this domain and relevant course promote each other, in such as " thermochemistry surface modified " , " coating of high-energy plasma surface " , " technology of diamond film coating " and " exterior modified and coating craft imitate and function are forecasted " the progress that waits for a respect to having a breakthrough.
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