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Mechanical equipment is anti-corrosive material chooses how correctly
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Develop in science and technology and socioeconomy high speed today, make products plan and production select material range already expanded gradually thereby. At present personnel of technology of project of great majority machinery is when design, production industrial product, the choice of material is the regard of low cost respect that reachs treatment from mechanical function, technical properties, material more, and in involve a requirement anticorrosive mechanical product (contain things of decoration of device of machine component, chemical industry, electric home appliances A kind of any material just are mixed in certain medium next ability have working requirement to be able to bear or endure specificly corrode sex. Same kind of material because very much, composition has the name,also fasten, function also has difference each. Apparent, be able to bear or endure the choice of corrode material is a meticulous and complex job in products plan. For this, the structural characteristic that should understand a product first, performance characteristics, use value, use environment (if accept strength condition, corrode position of medium sort and chroma, temperature, stock, whether to ask electric, insulation or medicinal powder hot, and density and magnetic requirement) reach life, the material character that recombine place masters or examine relevant data or make necessary subexperiment, gender, processability is used in material, durable sex and economy (the economic integration sex of the product that makes especially) wait for a respect to make comprehensive assessment, single out the most reasonable filter to be able to bear or endure corrode material.

1 Ying Xianxuan choose is able to bear or endure to using medium and working requirement to have the material of corrode sex, this is to avoid the step with product the most positive be no longer in force (particularly right easy cause major disaster and the circumstance) that safeguard not easily. Right now, should understand what different material reachs the likelihood in working requirement in this medium to corrode a form, of the corrode of even government office that is like a metal, stress corrode, couple is corroded, dot corrode, the chemistry of pottery and porcelain is deliquescent reach plastic ageing, dissolve to bilge etc, consider relevant element to choose right stuff again. If steel of general carbon steel, low alloy structure is in normal temperature nitric acid, thick lye, thick vitriolic, thick hydrofluoric acid very be able to bear or endure corrode; Aluminium is able to bear or endure especially thick nitric acid is corroded; Titanium is able to bear or endure than most stainless steel in oxidisability medium corrode, especially more outstanding in seawater (corrode of dot of not easy generation and stress corrode) , it is the admirable material of the heat exchanger in the seawater that make; Nitrogen changes silicon pottery and porcelain to divide hydrofluoric acid outside, all sorts of acid mix ability alkaline corrode, also can fight melt nonferrous metal erode.
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