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Beer filter how good?
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Should choose why to be planted very much in the consideration of the standard " filter " hind, with respect to the requirement of OK and certain basic standards and filter chamber. Below decision-making it is to choose to filter actually system, for this, we must have serious consideration to its advantage and inferior position.
Advanced filter chamber should make response quite in time to contingency.
As the change of raw material quality, the filtrability of beer also can be changed occasionally. Below this kind of circumstance, filter operates personnel to must decelerate velocity of flow. Horizontal filter is nonexistent filter the problem that ability reduces, because the velocity of flow inside machine has 0.115 M/s left and right sides only. As to vertical filter, with respect to need talent of particular velocity of flow maintains beer to be in establish a canal to go up to distributing equably. Of horizontal filter most high capacity should achieve 600 Hl/h. Filter the diameter of component is influential to its, and this should consider diatomite again whether distributing equably filtering on component.
It is another bit, beer works to obtain bigger filter area and installation many filter component, such central axles cannot bear probably component group is rotating the mechanical power that produces in the process. Seeing this from an angle may be an advantage, because be opposite,the weight of useless diatomite is restricted somewhat. After filtering, useless diatomite reservation is filtering on component, and can use asepsis air take off beforehand except 30%% , the moisture of 35%% . The whirl of group of component of after this have the aid of get on each component beforehand dry filter cake swings the container that deposits useless diatomite, enter a tip lorry again next.
The useless diatomite of vertical filter follows liquid eduction, accordingly, must undertake filter aftertreatment to diatomite. When the program produces establishment, need the precipitation chamfer that considers a capacity to be 200 Hl at least.
If produce power source breakdown or other reason to bring about production to interrupt, besmear filter aid meets those who stay in horizontal filter filter beforehand on component. Although interrupt,restore to filter again after a few hours also won't loss beer. Changing an angle to see this is an advantage. Small beer works should be in only same a full capacity that filter did not reach inside the order, can begin to filter afresh instantly exercise. Below certain condition, diatomite or PVPP can be withheld in carbon dioxide atmosphere filtering on component.
If produce power failure, vertical filter is in stop affirmative meeting happens to besmear beforehand during machine the problem of filter aid surge, its should waste many beer as a result.
A lot of beer workses value the ability that runs below the with filter aftertreatment condition before needing filter more. Horizontal filter uses carbon dioxide emergence to besmear the water of filter aid is divided beforehand, and make filter cake stays in filter on component, let wait for filtering beer to be full of filter equably next. What this one course of action can avoid beer and water is needless mix. Conversely, if use former beer to carry cent giving water on the head, with respect to the phenomenon that can produce wine water interblend. To reduce waste as far as possible, before needing installation filter, the canister after filter, and the mixed liquor of infuse 5%% above. Filter same process also can happen when the end: Filter to end, the beer course that filter did not pass inside machine filters still component filters, also can use what carbon dioxide makes to return the amortize before filtering coal tub or ripe turn jar in.
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