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Filter future develops a case
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Filter is to use porous filter medium, hold back the solid grain in liquid and solid grain mixture, and the equipment that realizes depart of solid, fluid. Filter applies extensively at the branch such as chemical industry, oil, pharmacy, light industrial, food, mineral separation, coal and water treatment.
Chinese ancient time already applied namely filter technology at production, BC already had the paper that plant fiber makes 200 years. The Christian era 105 years, cai Lun improved papermaking standard, he swings to go up at compact fine bamboo shade in pulp of fiber of plant of papermaking process lieutenant general, filtration of aperture of shade of water classics bamboo, one layer wet pulp stays on bamboo shade face, paper is become namely after working.
The earliest filter mostly for gravity, use pressurization to filter later rose to filter speed, appeared again then vacuum filtraction. Invent at the beginning of 20 centuries turn rouse vacuum filtraction implement came true to filter of the operation change continuously. After this, the successive filter of all sorts of types appears in succession. Because the filter of intermittent operation can come true to automation is operated and get developing, filter the area is larger and larger. To get containing the filter residue with wet small amount, the filter that machinery compresses got developing.
The layer of filter broken bits that medium surface stockpile filters in crossing filtration Cheng is added gradually thick, the instruction that the liquid carries layer of filter broken bits subsequently heighten, filter speed is reduced. Be full of filter broken bits when filter chamber or filter speed too hour, stop to filter, cleared filter broken bits, make filter medium second birth, filter in order to be finished circularly.

The liquid is mixed through layer of filter broken bits filter medium must overcome resistance, because this is filtering,the two side of medium must have pressure difference, this is the impetus that implementation filters. Increase pressure difference to be able to filter quickly, but grain of the metabolic after press press jams easily when great pressure is poor filter medium hole, filter to be decelerated instead.

Suspension fluid filters layer of broken bits having filter filters, deep bed filtration and sieve filter 3 kinds of means. Layer of filter broken bits filters is to point to filter in the course after initial stage, formed layer of initiative filter broken bits, after this, filter of opposite of layer of filter broken bits has main effect, at this moment big, little grain all is held back; Deep bed filtration is to point to filter medium is thicker, solid grain is contained in suspension fluid less, and grain is less than filter a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place of medium, when filtering, after grain is entered, be in by adsorption inside a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place filter; Sifting filter is to filter the solid grain that hold back is more than filter the hole of medium, filter medium interior is not adsorptive of solid grain filter means, turn for example barrel type lives the thick bead foreign matter in water of screen filter decontamination.
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