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Machine of vacuum filtraction of belt of balata of equipment of new generation d
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Balata belt vacuum crosses filter to call fixed belt vacuum filtraction machine again, it is the new-style solid fluid with higher rate of a kind of automation separate facility. This kinds of device is common by stage of bearing of roller of box of balata screen, vacuum, drive, adhesive plaster, feed hopper, filter cloth tone slants the component composition such as cake washing device of device, filter cloth and frame, it is to make full use of the efficient and separate facility of stock gravity and depart of fluid of solid of vacuum attraction implementation.
Machine of balata belt vacuum filtraction is with filter cloth filter medium, the annular oak adhesive plaster that uses whole serves as vacuum room. Annular adhesive plaster procrastinates by electric machinery move move continuously, apply of filter cloth shop is on adhesive plaster to it synchronism moves, adhesive plaster and vacuum sliding contact (there is annular attrition to take between vacuum room and adhesive plaster and connect water to form watertight to seal) , makings oar by cloth glassware even ground cloth is on filter cloth. Put through when vacuum room when vacuum system, vacuum is formed to take filter area on adhesive plaster, filtrate crosses the horizontal groove collect on adhesive plaster of filter cloth classics to enter vacuum room by alveolus, solid grain is held back filter cake is formed on filter cloth. The liquid classics that enters vacuum room enrages water segregator eduction, as the shift of oak adhesive plaster, the filter cake that already formed is ordinal enter area of filter cake catharsis and blot area, final filter cloth and adhesive plaster are apart, in roller of discharge filter cake discharge of place general filter cake goes out. Second birth is obtained after discharge is cleaned except the filter cloth classics of filter cake, repass is entered afresh after roller of a group of bearing and device of correct an error filter area, begin to enter new filter periodic. Photograph of vacuum filtraction machine compares machine of balata belt vacuum filtraction and mobile room style, it overcame mobile room type to take filter chance every job a process wants discharge to drop the defect with vacuum and taller specific power consumption, those who realized real significance to go up is successive move, filter continuously, stock from catharsis of evaporation of next makings, vacuum, filter cake, take off broken bits to be cleaned to filter cloth, need not discontinuous synchronism undertakes.

The most outstanding characteristic on construction of chance of balata belt vacuum filtraction: Was to use fixed vacuum case, adhesive plaster is mobile on vacuum box, belt of one annular attrition is designed to be sealed with watertight between vacuum box and adhesive plaster, the configuration with sealed motion is formed between vacuum box and adhesive plaster, the lubricant that sealed water can regard seal unit as already can serve as refrigerant again, form a very effective vacuum at the same time sealed.
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