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Function of filter of aquatic animals box, principle, action reachs a category
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1, physics filters. The solid grain in physics filters even if dropping aquatic animals case with filter material filter namely we do not need, of sight of be a hindrance to, can those corrupt trash, reduce ammoniac generation thereby, make water clear and transparent, comfortable the growth at the fish. The filter material that physics filters is felt of the floss that has closer small opening, abb, arenaceous stone, the commonnest is a floss, namely boss of aquatic animals inn says filter cotton, glass cotton. Of course physics filters itself not can filter is dropped dissolve underwater ammonia. General also cannot filter drops the bacterium in water and alga. Activated carbon also is a kind filter commonly usedly material, have the function of adsorptive metal ion, decolour, deodorization, but action was lost after use period of time, require fixed replacement.
2, chemistry filters. Chemically response will remove the harmful material in water. These corporeal some exist with ionic condition, some exists with the configuration of compound. Can make through chemical reaction its turn into harmless material or generate precipitation, or apply its polarity to condense little grain into big grain, be gone to by material of physical sex filter again next filter is dropped. Commonly usedly stabilizing agent of clean water agent, water quality waits.
3, biology filters. This but in last few years of fashionable filter means. In nature, even if is backwater often also has a fish grow healthily. Can not see somebody filters to it! The life in former nature is worn a few can change ammonia stage by stage into the bacterium that compares hurtless material. Above all, inferior nitrify bacterium decomposes ammonia nitrite, next, nitrify bacterium decomposes nitrite the nitric acid salt with lesser harm, salt can decompose some nitric acid to be sent from the brandish in water for nitrogen. These bacteria are beneficial hurtless accordingly we call our beneficial bacterium. The beneficial bacterium in this and yoghurt is identical to the action of human body digestion. Beneficial bacterium is OK oneself grow, also can buy goods of course beneficial bacterium is added. Beneficial bacterium has common merchandise nitrify bacterium, light adds up to a bacterium. Bound of science and technology is developed again recently " EM " biological product, it is a kind of powerful beneficial bacterium group, can use at a lot of respects such as aquatic product, agriculture, health care, the effect is used in aquatic animals box very good.
Filter of common aquatic animals box can divide probably it is the following kinds:
1, coping filter. Will filter ministry of roof of device park aquatic animals, in smoking filter with one water pump, filter is box of one chief body, inside cotton of buy floss, biochemistry, filter the filter material such as arenaceous, activated carbon, the water after filtering flows into aquatic animals box from box bottom in. This is the most traditional filter. The setting is easy, the price is low, clean convenient, but adverse and beneficial bacterium grows.
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