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The melt extrusion foam filter
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Expansion foam sheet production. Use of filtering system can reliably prevent the raw materials in the presence of impurities or contamination resulting in expansion foam sheet production process equipment failures. In this way, change the filter system expansion foam steps to ensure that production will not be interrupted during this sensitive. Because of good mechanical and insulation properties, extruded polystyrene foam obtained by the flat has been in the construction industry has been widely used as insulating material. The production of such sheet material is based on the extrusion process, which includes both before and after the order by the extruder. The first extruder (basic extrusion machine) used to melt raw materials and production of additives and blowing agent containing uniform mixture. At this time mixed with excellent performance multi-use twin-screw extruder. Basic extruder die melt temperature is typically at 230 ℃. And materials sent to the second extruder (second extruder, cooling extruder). In principle, the part for the transmission and cooling the melt to the melt to reach sheet extrusion die at about the time the temperature between 120-130 ℃. Similarly the currently available production equipment foam sheet output capacity was 2000kg / h. Foreign substances in the plastic melt may be gathered or damage in the die at the die. If this happens, then you need to stop production to replace the die. The downtime and the time required for resumption of production will bring a large economic losses and reduce the overall production efficiency. Foreign substances in the plastic melt possible sources include: Contaminated raw materials or additives (such as feed because of transportation or improper operation of an extent which rendered it subject to pollution); Contaminated recycled materials; Metal parts; Operation or improper handling; Processing misuse (material degradation).
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