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Guangzhou bought 500 grams of methamphetamine hidden in the air filter
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3 men get rich, composed of traders, transportation and marketing of such products drug networks to support traders suck. November 17, Xinyu City Public Security Bureau police brigade Yuan River branch of Interpol, in one fell swoop destroyed a large drug-trafficking gang, arresting three suspects and seized 500 grams of methamphetamine, Ma fruit 10 and trafficking a car. November 9, Yuan River branch of Interpol, Police Team to obtain an important drug-related information: suspect named Mao, who will go to Guangdong "purchase." For the captured suspects and seized drugs, divided into 20 civilian police standby to intercept and arrest the two groups moving. Zero 17 am, police rushed to the Zhuabu Zu Jian sit back and wait for a highway toll station and captured back from Guangdong drug trafficking suspects named Mao and Mao Moumou, and the suspect vehicle under the hood in the air filter found a package weighing about 500 grams of ice. Later, police again arrested in room Xinyu South Yimin another suspect Lin, Ma found in his room at the fruit 10. Named Mao, 21, who lives in Xiajiang, met through a friend Maomou Mou Lin Xinyu drug addicts. 3 people are out of work because the thought of smoking in order to raise trafficking. November 9, named Mao and Mao Moumou carry 13 million in cash, drive to Guangzhou to buy the 500 grams of ice. The investigation, in September to 10 months, Lin has from the named Mao, Mao Moumou two hands many times to buy ice, hemp fruit, in addition to taking a small amount of their own, the majority of drug users from Xinyu resold for profit. Currently, the three suspects had been under criminal detention.
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