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Bao Gang already stopped with need and need the iron ore of the mining industry
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China's biggest steely manufacturer Bao Gang (Baosteel) had stopped with need and need develop (BHPBillitonLtd. ) , force develop (RioTintoPLC) reach company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water (Vale) iron ore negotiates.

According to " Australian finance is commented on " (TheAustralianFinancialReview) the 2nd big steely manufacturer of China of 16 days of cite group of saddle hill iron and steel (AnshanIron&SteelGroupCorp. ) the report of opinion on public affairs of an official says, bao Gang had halted the negotiation with 3 afore-mentioned companies.

Metal of a Shanghai trades business says before the negotiation begins, ironworks of Chinese each steel already was subject to of 30% rise in price agreement. But, companies of afore-mentioned 3 mining industry ask to rise in price 50% , the negotiation because this burst.

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