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Xin luck is special steel is bought will ascend body iron recombines Sha Gang o
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"Both sides is talking, buy fast finished. " on January 14 morning, limited company of group of Jiangsu sanded steel (the following abbreviation " Sha Gang " ) Gu Xiangrong of former assistant president buys Jiangsu Xin with respect to Sha Gang lucky spy steel limited company (next weighing " Xin luck is special steel " ) be related expresses to the reporter.

Is this Sha Gang? ? The 4th home that company of this China's biggest civilian battalion iron and steel initiates is bought. What with before its 3 skill differs is, be bought this or with resounding 2004 China " iron skill " one of leading role- - Jiangsu iron this cast steel limited company (next weighing " iron this " ) old plant property is concerned.

"Iron skill " after happening, iron our company are old factory You Xinrui is special steel contracts manage. And special to Xin luck of steel buy the prelude that becomes Sha Gang to participate in iron to recombine originally likely.

And consider from recombining probability, iron recombines originally already last a period of time still does not have later development 3 years partly, nanjing iron and steel combines limited company (next weighing Na Gang) recombine iron this project plan signs up for already send to the State Council, just have not obtain through.

Chinese steely job has in this up to now the most eye-catching buy the hardest also in recombining, whether is Sha Gang met successful pass a test?

Ascend body iron recombines originally

Sha Gang buys Xin itself of be related of lucky spy steel is very simple. On January 14, jiangsu sand has a such words on steel group net, since 2007, sha Gang " succeed and bought Henan An Yangyong to promote iron and steel and Jiangsu Xin lucky spy steel " . That is to say, xin luck already was bought by Sha Gang on steel name especially.

So, why does sanded steel high level say " is both sides still talking " ? This thought of with respect to couplet letting a person as special as Xin luck steel contact another asset: Xin luck is special steel contracts management iron our company are old plant property. Iron is in originally its are old after master Dai Guofang is arrested by police, superintendency group takes the enterprise that is taken the lead to hold water by Changzhou place government namely before long to go bankrupt countervail debt program. After August 2004, superintendency group appoints iron our company are old factory You Xinrui is special steel contracts manage.

Sha Gang buys act to let a person very naturally contacts afore-mentioned iron this old plant.

Think inside course of study, sha Gang's interest still is in apparently " iron this " old plant.

Saying so is decided by Sha Gang's strategy, decide by market position.

As we have learned, as home the biggest electric steel is mixed actor spy steel produces base, sha Gang hopes to be in in January 2007 - October sales revenue on 71.54 billion yuan foundation, future realizes year of sales revenue 5 years to exceed one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two, ascend hard before bound of one's life experience is steely 10 strong.
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