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From tight policy the likelihood controls steely demand
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Standing vice-chairman holds association of Chinese iron and steel industry concurrently secretary-general expresses before Luo Bing birthday, 2008 our country monetary policy from close strength stronger, this may restrain what fixed assets and project of new go into operation invest to add fast, reduce steely demand thereby.

He is preliminary predict, consumption of apparent of Chinese crude steel was added compared to the same period 2008 fast 12% , relatively small 2007 drop. "If monetary policy is increased from close strength, the consumption of crude steel increases fast likelihood fall after a rise comes 10% or the following.

2007, crude steel of amount to of base of our country exit, material is aggregate 72.5 million tons, huge is pulled moved domestic natural resources to digest, but also increased pollution to discharge at the same time, resource is used up and international trade attrition.

Luo Bing is unripe think, after if current policy effectiveness is complete,be being released, still did not have very good effect, publish relevant policy extremely likely to restrain export growth once more. Because China is steely this 2008 exit situation is grimmer, exit of crude steel of amount to of predicting annual base, material adds up to dispute to dropped the least 2007 20 million tons.

He still predicts, the pattern that perch of former fuel cost runs still is met perforative and whole 2008, and in iron ore and coal anxious wait for cost factor drive below, value of market of domestic steel products will maintain exalted wave motion to move 2008, partial breed hopeful continues to achieve the history new tall.

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