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Mechanical and general component develops new characteristic 8 years
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Regard the mechanical and general component that serves for numerous industry form a complete set as the industry, the whole 2007 moves smooth, add fast be in about 21% the left and right sides, gear branch line of business achieves 29% ~ 30% . Amplitude of industry macroeconomic benefit is more than industrial production value add fast. Predict cardinal principle of moving condition of mechanical component economy is same 8 years, although exit situation is grim, export volume can have drop apparently, but the product structural adjustment that is helpful for stimulative industry and the research and development that taste newly independently, industry development is changed to qualitative change from quantitative change stage by stage.

Industry development appears a few big characteristics:

-- , consciousness of innovation of science and technology is strengthened. A lot of enterprises enhanced the investment of new product research and development, the amount of new 2007 product and crop greatly prep above in former years, company core competition ability also rises greatly. Shaanxi round company relies on Fashiteji to innovate independently, develop heavy-duty car form a complete set to use transmission case, technical index achieves international advanced level, product sale increased compared to the same period 2007 78% , predict to achieve 6 billion yuan or so. Fastener production company noted renascence to produce batch of generous only in the past in cheap product, and what a large number of home need is medium high-grade product needs to be imported from abroad at high price however. 7 years emphasis of a few companies develops these products, gained apparent benefit.

-- , right energy-saving decrease a platoon to begin to take seriously. Mechanical component industry is large family of bad news material, accordingly entire industry is strengthened in recent years cooperate with place of scientific research courtyard, undertake improvement to the respect such as the structure of the product, workmanship, reduce specific power consumption. For example small modulus gear uses cold extrusion, fastener produces an enterprise to improve machine of mould, cold Dui to raise rolled steel utilization rate.

-- , concentration is spent rise. The characteristic of company of mechanical component production is much, small, medicinal powder, in recent years the industry is spent centrally rise somewhat. Large and medium-sized enterprise collectivize, the crop of key enterprise, sale occupies the 75% above of entire industry, now year the industry that sale surpasses 100 million yuan already had many 150, still have a batch of more than 1 billion yuan companies. Predicting next year is spent centrally will increase further. For example the fastener with coastal Zhejiang creates a company, a certain number of mills are built around steelworks of Heibei Xing stage this year, form an industry group, give steelworks to finish heat treatment of material early days, pickling except the processing working procedure such as rust, reduced pickling blowdown segment greatly; Product heat treatment is executed specialization cooperation, the product is packed, carry take centralized management.
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