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Amalgamative pump is in charge of the tycoon price of raw material of a powerfu
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As the whole world the biggest iron and steel produces country and consumptive country, steely enterprise of China is preparing with the force develop, iron ore price that need and needs 3 companies such as the fresh water river valley of develop and Brazil sit to strike calm next year. If be mixed surely,need develop succeeds in bursa of income of develop of ground general force, the steely manufacturer that heads with Chinese manufacturer people the condition that will be immersed in passivity in argy-bargy.

Once force develop is mixed,need develop incorporates, will be born tycoon of a global rich, its mine spreads all over the whole world 6 continent, will occupy crop of global iron ore to even more 1/3. Plus fresh water river valley of Brazil, this 3 big tycoons will hold output of global iron ore nearly 3/4.

The the Chinese Academy of Sciences teachs Liu Jianming to think, after tycoon of these two mining industry is amalgamative, if they go up in mine product market, language power can increase, to international mine product the market can produce tremendous effect. This is not meddlesome absolutely to other company, the steely company that includes China inside.

In the past, the business of international steel ironworks that regards iron ore as main customer people still perhaps can lean " alienate " force develop and need and need the method of develop comes price of depress iron ore, but they are usable now the resort that will cut price is less and less. At present the long-term agreement of iron ore is controlled in every tons of 80 dollars, and price of merchandise on hand wants tower above a lot of, marching toward left and right sides of every tons of 180 dollars. The long-term agreement price that predicting iron ore supplies next year of general of chamber of commerce rises 30 % to come 50 % .

But, although be mixed surely,need develop fails to incorporate successfully force develop, business of Chinese steel ironworks still is negotiating to be in ahull at the beginning. Business of the biggest steely production overcomes England spokesman of Lu Si group expressed a few days ago, because demand of global rolled steel causes the market to supply strong,be critical, steely course of study should face the situation that raw material price rises further probably.

It is reported, china takes the close in part of consumption of global iron ore at present, it is the homebred and inferior iron ore that satisfies China to restrict demand of half the number even, its price already also rose since the beginning of the year this year oneself one times.

In addition, include freight to shoot up and the difference between merchandise on hand and futures price, also prop up iron ore price to rise considerably.

Current, the control advantageous position of mining industry is centered to a few a few ceaselessly abroad appear on the market in company hand, the company passes a series of conformity, grow for global supply a tycoon, need and need develop extended standardized form of bought offensive of swift and fierce to show this one trend to competitor force. Need and need the fresh water river valley of develop, force develop, Brazil is controlling on the world a lot of large mine, be in Australia, Chile and Canada especially, this kind of trend strengthened company of abroad mining industry gain profit latent capacity, but finite supply also is meant buy the home to change other iron ore to very hard the supplier.
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