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Steel price general goes up space of rigid company profit squashs again
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The attune on afterwards treasure steel this year first quarter after rolled steel price, wu Gang also was announced recently partial product sale price adjusted plan Feburary. Be based on the raw material price such as iron ore, cooking coal to rise ceaselessly, whole of domestic steel price went 2008 sign is clear with each passing day.

General of price of domestic steel products goes up first quarter, certainly will brings about cost of downstream industry company to increase. Song Xiaogang of deputy secretary-general of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference expressed to our newspaper reporter on January 14: "Epicycle steel price rises to be affected to rigid business substantially too big, fetters to large scale computer especially the impact of the enterprise is more immediate with apparent. " he emphasizes, the enterprise should pass the method such as material of in-house and own innovation, section to be answered actively.

The reporter understands in interview, increase in the light of cost and reduce the state of profit space, each machinery company all expresses, already set out from enterprise oneself characteristic, begin to adjust the sale strategy 2008.

Steel price moves perch

In Wu Gang the rolled steel Feburary quotes in, with compared January, main breed go up every tons move 100 ~ to differ 1000 yuan. In steel assist forecast, with compared last year, domestic steel price rises first quarter this year or will bigger, price of domestic and international steel will maintain higher-priced to move.

National hair changes appoint released information recently, market of domestic steel products dish of full fall after a rise by 2007 go situation already appeared change, appear stop drop the posture that pick up. Show of variety of each specific steel products is: Small range of price of building steel products rises; In thick board northern region performance is good; Cold heat coils board the price rises in the round; Large and medium-sized material price small range rises.

To this, chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference carries out vice-chairman Cai Weici to suggest, mechanical industry business should strengthen poor dissimilation, individuation, characteristic to change product research and development, master the crucial technology of crucial component hard, take aeriform technology seriously to innovate more (incorporate product and technology two respects) , of the development of line of business of contemporary production service and talent breed.

Interior of enterprise base oneself upon is digested

The reporter called many mechanical company on January 14, allude be related of price of attune of each old steel mill, each industry all expresses to be in expected, but the adjustment to epicycle price extent is resonant and differ.

This steel price adjusts range the biggest is orientaton silicon steel, every tons rise in price 1000 yuan, at present market price case already achieved every tons of 5700~5800 yuan.
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