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Mould market prospect continued to value 2008
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"Market of domestic and international 2008 mould continues to value, mould industry will still maintain produce the state that wants two flourishing. " Zhou Yongtai of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese mould industry made an on-the-spot investigation in city of the mould in short for Zhejiang Province a few days ago when, released economy of countrywide mould industry to run total situation to forecast.

Zhou Yongtai says, chinese mould industry can encircle the part that can order 2007 many.

It is the mould develops to large, nicety, complex direction, achievement is outstanding, what home already produced a sheet to cover weight to achieve 100 tons is giant mould and model the mould exceeding essence of life that antrum precision achieves 0.5 accept rice, still have can with 2500 / the accurate multitask that photograph of punching machine of cent high speed matchs class receives a standard, the mould specializations and standardize degree to rise further. Countrywide mould industry is forming to be the technical reformation upsurge of main content in order to digitlize with informatization. 2 it is industry mainstay team is formed quickly, group type produces means advantage to show. At present mould industry has company of backbone of many 80 key, mould city (garden area, assemble produces base) further progress, of mould city yield to grow 25% above compared to the same period. 3 it is international collaboration is more frequent. The problem that face is raw material, artificial wait for cost to rise ceaselessly, person with ability of high skill, high level is lacked, certain domain existence is low-level repeat construction phenomenon, overall innovation ability is more fragile.

Zhou Yongtai is in forecast when developing prospect 2008, say, mould industry production value predicts the growth that still can 20% is control, mould production will continue forward informatization, digitlization, essence is refined, high speed is changed, the way of automation develops, pattern company will continue to side with a technology compositive change, facilities is excellent change, product brand is changed, way of administrative informatization, management internationalization develops. Following a few respects are worth to pay close attention to especially:

It is enterprise informatization job can have greater progress, besides CAD, CAM, CAE, the technology such as CAPP, PDM, PLM, MES, ERP and electronic business affairs and network will be in pattern company to get applied extensively gradually, stimulative technology progresses;

The 2 teams that are key mainstay business and mould city will expand ceaselessly;

3 it is an enterprise the respect waits to be able to take seriously more in innovation, brand, patent, new and high technology;

4 it is platform of public news service will develop more quickly, more apparent to the promotion action of business productivity.

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