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The development opportunity that industry of chinese mainland sensor faces and
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The process of modernization of chinese mainland industry and electronic Information Industry with the speed of 20% above successive high speed grows, rise what drove sensor market quickly. Sensor market dimensions rises the 2.932 billion dollar 2006 from the 1.859 billion dollar 2004, year compound increase rate is amounted to 25.6% . Predict to will grow 27.2% 2007, reach 3.708 billion dollar.   

The main motive force of rapid growth comes from dimensions of demand of chinese mainland sensor to be mixed at industrial electron equipment car electron, communication electron, consumption electron and special electron equipment. Industrial electron equipment and car electron are the industry with the rapiddest growth in electronic Information Industry, also be the domain with sensor most application, if measure character of all sorts of craft variable, electron and physical quantity, and traditional motion / fixed position.   

In recent years Chinese automobile industry appears continuously high speed rises situation, chinese car is truckload 2006 crop amounts to 7.28 million, grow 27.3% compared to the same period. Amount to 5.23 million by the crop that use a car, grow 32.8% compared to the same period. At present big appointment is installed on car of an average family expenses a few to nearly 100 sensor, amount of luxurious car sensor can amount to more than 200, sort amounts to a few kinds. 1/3 what both place takes whole market about with sensor. China or programmed control switching equipment, mobile base the electronic product such as station, mobile phone, electrograph makes big country, communication industry also is the fundamental application domain of sensor. Crop of Chinese mobile phone broke through 480 million 2006, predict to be able to amount to 620 million 2007, increase sensor market of growth and mobile phone function of mobile phone crop to bring new opportunity ceaselessly considerably, 1/4 what hold market share about in the sensor that this domain uses. In addition China is global white home appliance (include family expenses air conditioning, freezer and washing machine) produce and export big country, total 2006 output amounts to 150 million, predict to be able to amount to 166 million 2007, place took the market about with sensor 2006 1/5. In last few years, the sensor application in the special electron equipment such as medical treatment, environmental protection, atmosphere also grows quickly, what use sensor to hold market share 15% the left and right sides. Afore-mentioned industries are right a large number of demand of sensor, offerred very good development opportunity for industry of chinese mainland sensor.   

According to statistic, at present chinese mainland has 455 to be engaged in sensing element and sensor manufacturer, and the company that involves downstream on whole industry catenary is to amount to more 1, many 400, sensor produces per year a quantity to break through 2.4 billion, present a good development state. The development of feeling component and sensor, production centers Dan Min in foreland of the eastpart part, the company with bigger crop includes ohmic dragon (Shanghai) electron of division of limited company, love (Zhuhai free tax zone) limited company, Hangzhou is mixed greatly limited company of hot magnetism electron, essence measures an electron (Shenzhen) limited company, and 95% above belong to other small business, the backbone company with stronger comprehensive strength is less. At present can the product that batch produces involves photosensitive, voltage quick, heat quick, Li Min, gas quick, magnetism quick and Shi Min 7 kinds big, about 3, 000 many breed, year the company with higher sale is in the province city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang centrally. At present global sensor sort has 20 thousand kinds about, and chinese mainland is current and only 3, 000 a variety of, still have many breed shortage.   
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