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Double element drives general of rolled steel price to go up
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The company such as treasure steel, saddle steel, Pan Gang go up in succession tone 2008 steel price

A few days ago, moved on saddle steel share after was being reached Feburary this year of partial product do not contain tax producer price. Among them, 100 yuan are moved on hot-rolling breed / ton, 150 yuan are moved on cold rolling breed / ton, 100 yuan are moved on galvanization product / ton, colour moves 100 yuan on besmear product / ton.

This is an epitome that firm of near future iron and steel raises rolled steel price generally. Our newspaper reporter investigates discovery, include vanadium of the iron and steel of treasure steel share, Chongqing, steel that involve steel, Na Gang steel of share, Xining spy, wine steel grand promote wait for numerous and steely company to be opposite the price 2008 did product of respective company share to move. Industry analyst thinks, domestic demand is exuberant, and it is current that the cost factor such as coal, iron ore rises general of steely industry value piece main reason. From the point of current condition, this kind of price slants first quarter this year tight situation will continue all the time.   

Double element is driven rise

Rise to this steel price, dong Bi of saddle steel share pays auspicious to be able to express, of company product value rising basically is market demand pull move. He introduces, the industry such as domestic shipbuilding, car, mechanical, home appliance is at present right the demand of rolled steel is more exuberant, the market supplies insecurity. Although be exported drawback to wait for an element,affect accordingly, the exit of saddle steel share drops considerably, but as a result of inside need exuberant, the product of the company still is in demand exceeds supply condition. Additional, since last year the abidance of coal and iron ore price rises, cause the price that partial product moved on the company.

Zhouxizeng also expresses analyst of letter negotiable securities in, demand of rolled steel market is more exuberant rising with cost is the mainest reason that steely firm raises product price. According to Introduction Zhou, from the point of current data, investment of domestic fixed assets still is in rapid growth in the process, drive steely demand growth naturally. Additional, national hair changes appoint fall into disuse backward produce can reduce yield of whole industry iron and steel greatly, also affected balance of steely supply and demand.

According to Chinese steel assist analysis, in the raw material respect of steely industry, price of whole of market of iron ore of home of the first ten days of a month, useless steel market still was maintained this year in January in perch, local district rises somewhat; Coke market supplies shortage as a result of coal, many cooking enterprises extend knot anxious time, market resource hasten is close, market price case is stronger also.

In respect of rolled steel market, suffer raw material resource to supply situation of insecurity of fund of in short supply, credit to alleviate and the element influence such as the attune on steelworks producer price, market of domestic steel products changed dish of full fall after a rise by 2007 to go situation, appear stop drop pick up.
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