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Domestic railroad used steel market to value 2008
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New Year beginning, frequency of report of a success of industry of our country railroad is passed. On January 8, the station austral Nanjing of Beijing Shanghai tall iron makes pile of plinth of foundations of the first station. This mark is worn the station austral the Nanjing of railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed that gets attention fully enters phase of materiality start working. From this, mix in steely course of study rolled steel causes bigger echo in current job, operator values the domestic railroad 2008 generally to use steel market, the rapid development that our country railroad builds, built giant railroad to use steel platform, giving steelworks and rolled steel trafficker will be big great sumptuous dinner.   

Always invest 220 billion yuan, up to now the dimensions on the world is the biggest, one-time build the construction of go into operation of railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed with the longest course, bring huge market with steel for railroad, affecting the heart of numerous steelworks operator and steel trade business, aspire shares this huge cake.

Really, railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed is built, the demand of rolled steel is very huge, 220 billion yuan construction dimensions, be used at rolled steel among them hold very large proportion. High speed railroad is built, the demand nature of rail is little not. If be in our country railroad of high speed of first city border? ? In railroad of border of Beijing ferry city, pan Gang offers 350 kilometers of twenty-seven thousand five hundred tons of speed per hour rail of high speed of 100 meters long scale. All-purpose product line builds Pan Gang and successful make friends gives rail of the first 100 meters long scale of Chinese, become the manufacturing company that home has rail of 100 meters long scale the first times, home the first can according to European Union of Railways (high strength of EN) standard production, tall flatness, fast face is bright and clean degree, expensive measure precision the enterprise of rail of 100 Mi Changding feet.   

350 kilometers grow the speed per hour that the place of railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed of 1318 kilometers uses overall length 100 meters the amount of rail of scale high speed is very large, it is a big market. In addition, the construction of 21 stations, reach the construction that form a complete set installs related the station, also be a huge market to the demand of rolled steel. Station of railroad of these 21 high speed, it is respectively south Beijing, new Langfang, Tianjin on the west, port of city of village of city of Hua Yuan, new dark blue, Xin Dezhou, new Jinan, new Tai'an, new Qu Fu, new jujube, new Xuzhou, new constellation, new mussel, Qing Gang, . If construction stood south the Nanjing of start working a few days ago,dimensions is 6 times what show Nanjing railway station, the Asia's biggest railroad hub station will be become after building.

3 big municipalities directly under the Central Government of Beijing of vertical be linked together of Beijing Shanghai tall iron, ferry, Shanghai, heibei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu 4 provinces, 6.5% what area of place classics area occupies land area, 26.7% what population takes the throughout the country, population city of 1 million above 11, 43.3% what gross domestic product takes the throughout the country. The personage inside course of study predicts, the building of railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed, what drive two economy circle adequately personnel shedding, resource shedding, capital flows, promote economic development. Visible, so giant high speed railroad builds norms, needs building steel products and other steels are very big. Accordingly, cause the attention of steel trade business and attention.
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