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Focal interview: Conformity is auto industry is done do strong premise greatly
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Chen Zutao of committee member of full-time of ministry of science and technology of leader of former automobile industry, country is heard on south cooperative message, excited affection is in overtones: "This is an important matter in Chinese auto industry. Auto industry is industry of sex of a dimensions, large investment, high yield gives the development characteristic that is this group course of study. Go up steam, south steam is strong strong together, show our country auto industry had developed a new level again. Actual strength of the scale of production that strong strong union brings, capital is the base that car company has own research and development, also be auto industry is done do strong premise greatly. Also be auto industry is done do strong premise greatly..

Chen Zutao pays close attention to all the time south the development of steam. He says to the reporter, steam is in south on century the crop of 80 time, ever discharged before a few in entire industry, but current rank had glided a lot of. Be in in last few years in developing a process, steam introduced Yi Weike's small customer south, did not achieve ideal management result; With Italy joint-stock collaboration of Feiyate also lies to leave the position that closes partly medium partly. In April 2005, king grand fine is taken up the post of south after steam group president, be opposite afresh south steam undertook the strategy locates. 2005, steam your writing buys the partial property of British collect inspire confidence in sb south, think the resource that depends on Luo Fu makes own brand. Enter in market of domestic intermediate car give a world. The steam austral nowadays chooses to go up abundantly with actual strength steam cooperates, also be attempt that it tries to add industry vitality through conformity.

Chen Zutao thinks: "On steam, south steam conformity was Chinese auto industry to make model. " at present, china shares more than 100 truckload enterprise, among them most crop is lesser, this is not a good appearance to the auto industry with dimensions be good at. Citing says Chen Zutao, now year of sales volume of Feng Tian it is many 800, year of the United States' current sales volume control for 9 million, and the automobile group with our country more powerful actual strength year sales volume still has many 100 only. Our car company and photograph of international car tycoon are compared, still have certain difference. Go up now south after collaboration, produce per year ability to be able to achieve 2 million ~300 10 thousand, this is flight of company of our country car on dimensions.

Chen Zutao believes, the conformity in domestic automobile industry will be met henceforth grow in quantity, the dimensions of company of a few main cars of domestic can do bigger more, ability of own research and development also can increase gradually. These, the goal that achieves car power for us laid a foundation.

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