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Sensing element and sensor industry will greet new spring 2008
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In recent years, through transfer of technology and transform, chinese mainland sensing element and sensor are formed certain industrial basis and productivity, 5 new-style sensor such as MEMS already included research the focal point of development. Show according to a statistic: At present chinese mainland has 455 firms that pursue sensing element and sensor production, what involve an enterprise to amount to 1, many 400, present a good development state, but the backbone company with stronger comprehensive strength is less. Current, can the product that batch produces involves photosensitive, voltage quick, heat quick, Li Min, gas quick, magnetism quick and Shi Min 7 kinds big, about 3, 000 many breed. According to statistic of association of Chinese electron component, 2006 total sales revenue of product of chinese mainland sensor 9.743 billion yuan of RMBs, grow 12.2% compared to the same period.   

2004 ~ year of compound increase rate 2006 for 11.3% . Exit forehead was 658 million dollar 2006, 55.8% what occupy total sales, with photograph comparing grew 8.7% 2005. And the entrance forehead of chinese mainland sensing element and sensor the 1.426 billion dollar from 2004, rise the 2.372 billion dollar 2006 quickly, its are compound increase rate is amounted to 29% . More austere is, entrance amount holds share of home market demand from 2004 76.7% 80.9% what rise to 2006, still will expand further 2008.   

In last few years, chinese mainland accuses as car, communication, labour, the rapid growth that consumes the crop such as electron and special device, grow to the demand synchronism of sensing element and sensor. Because the developed country is the same as to still have bigger difference on technology and productivity, product technology class is low, breed norms is not all ready, the sensor product of chinese mainland is far still cannot satisfy domestic requirement, especially a few high-grade sensor, MEMS sensor, car basically counts an import sensor with sensor and special form a complete set.   

Current, sensor technology forward intelligence is changed, miniature is changed, low power comsumption, wireless transmit, portable way develops, demand of domestic sensor application lasts again high speed grows, below the intense competition environment that enters in succession in international sensor tycoon, front of industry of chinese mainland sensor is facing new development opportunity and challenge.

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