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Downstream demand analysed our country steely industry 2008
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Mechanical industry

(Alone of Cai of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference mothers)

The first, the gross of mechanical manufacturing industry is bigger, cardinal principle of each main economic norms occupies the 15-20% of gross of our country industry, machinist job is large family of rolled steel demand, consumption of rolled steel of annual of mechanical 2004 industry 125 million tons, occupy about in those days 39% of crop of countrywide rolled steel.

The 2nd, development speed is accelerated, "15 " gross value of industrial output year all grow 23.71% , compared 2006 go up year of growth about 30.06% , 1-10 month accumulative total grew 31.91% compared to the same period 2007. At present rigid business holds order to be compared generally full, predict economy of mechanical 2008 industry runs hopeful to continue to keep smooth rapidder growth, but add fast will decelerate somewhat than this year, predicting gross value of industrial output will grow 25% to control, profit total will grow 20% to control.

The 3rd, although rate of machinist job growth is rapidder, but the development of mechanical manufacturing industry optimizes more support structure and the technology progresses, thereby the level of only waste time of 10 thousand yuan of production value of rolled steel will continue to drop, 5 years the trend was analysed in the past, year all drop about 8% . Compare with the addition of demand gross, the hope that machinist job raises to development of rolled steel breed and function is more pressing. What equip as great skill is large change, the limit of parameter is changed, need development more has high temperature resistant, high pressure to reach anti-radiant, corrode the new breed rolled steel that waits for performance demand.

Shipbuilding industry

(Chen Changyu of assistant of chairman of guild of Chinese shipping industry)

The first, 2001-2006 year, our country shipbuilding is finishing quantity year all grow with the speed of 28% , especially " 15 " hind 3 years, year all add fast more than 40% , occupy world market share to be not worth from 2000 6% jump rise nearly 20% .

The 2nd, marine 2006 rolled steel wastage grew 3.1 than 2000 times. After 2003 marine rolled steel entrance measures drop off, exceed except minority wide, super- thick the boat that reachs special requirement board outside, shipbuilding uses rolled steel basic base oneself upon at home. 2006-2010 year our country is marine rolled steel demand is 41.52 million tons, 2011-2015 year marine rolled steel demand is 51.41 million tons, 2006-2015 year need altogether marine rolled steel 92.93 million tons. In addition year of demand of industry of our country shipping: 2006-2010 year it is 8.3 million tons about, 2011-2015 year it is 10.28 million tons about.

The 3rd, continuously thriving international shipping market, develop quickly for shipping him industry not only brought enough order, also offerred good development opportunity for steely industry. Be in city of current international boat, steel city all below hot situation, you Mi of this two big fluctuation cuts iron and steel and shipbuilding relevant industry builds strategic partner to concern, can come true in joint development double win.
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