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Force develop defers pressure of price of merchandise on hand of delivery iron
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After India plans to raise iron ore to export custom duty, the iron ore enterprise such as Australian force develop also begins to issue an announcement to Chinese steelworks recently, say to wait for force majeure as a result of hurricane and railroad, want to delay delivery. Analytic personage thinks, this will cause an effect to iron ore spot market, the negotiation of 2008 year iron ore that also has to still be in at present creates constant pressure.

The content of a large steelworks sheds company director to expressed yesterday, received the announcement of Roberiver of the holding company below force develop and banner on January 1 this year, say to encounter " of " force majeure, iron ore delivery wants to defer, the company received his to ask to postpone the specific time of delivery again yesterday. But notable is, be in together of Australia need and need develop did not issue similar announcement however.

What force develop and Roberiver hold long-term contract in the order of Chinese steelworks is very big one share share, analytic personage points out, if the delivery of long-term contract suffers an effect, make steelworks is forced to turn to spot market temporarily probably, push price of merchandise on hand of tall iron ore thereby, also will have the effect of " of " add fuel to the flames to negotiation of 2008 year iron ore.

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