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Automatic recoil washs filter to pack the application of buy in hydrogenation cr
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Automatic recoil washs filter to pack the application of buy in hydrogenation cracking
Wang Qi
(Factory of aromatic hydrocarbon of Inc. of Yang Zishi oily chemical industry)
Summary: Those who introduced device of cracking of hydrogenation of factory of aromatic hydrocarbon of Inc. of Yang Zishi oily chemical industry is automatic filter the problem of use circumstance of the system and existence, analysed possible reason. Solve a problem through undertaking cleaning coming to core of this system filter. Compare what filter core cleans around to filter the effect, the filter core after the specification is cleaned can restore effectively to filter automatically of the system filter quality and efficiency. Raised environmental protection percent of pass, have taller economy value.
Keyword: Filter core filters cycle cleans hydrogenation cracking plant
Factory of aromatic hydrocarbon of Inc. of Yang Zishi oily chemical industry (factory of aromatic hydrocarbon of the following abbreviation) hydrogenation cracking device is raw material with decompression derv, the mechanical impurity of shape of grain of eliminate of filter of classics of this raw material is junior person hydrogenation reactor of cracking of purificatory, hydrogenation. Raw material filter (one 101A of FD the crucial equipment that / B) is device of cracking of hydrogenation of aromatic hydrocarbon factory.
If filter is right material handling is sordid, can cause solid impurity especially impurity of a few big grain enters purificatory reactor, bring about purificatory reactor activator to bed lamination difference rises and jam the active space of activator, affect the cycle of run of the service life of purificatory activator and device thereby. Device of cracking of hydrogenation of aromatic hydrocarbon factory was brought 1997
Into PALL filter limited company (Beijing) (company of PALL of the following abbreviation) filter automatically system, replaced original FD B of one 101A / , filter core is Rigimesh R class, in assure to filter below the premise of quality, filter cycle maintains control in successive 4 H. But crack those who spend device run time to lengthen as hydrogenation of aromatic hydrocarbon factory, arrive at the beginning of 2003, one 101A of FD / B filters cycle is shorter and shorter, already cannot satisfy the need that device produces, must undertake transforming to its.
1 automatic recoil washs filter
1. 1 automatic recoil washs the structure of filter
PALL company filters automatically the system filters by 2 coal tub composition, paralell connection is used, filter when when liquid of coal tub eliminate enters the grain of solid in suspension in makings, another filters to coal tub can be in recoil to wash or reserve condition, preparative switch is used.
Automatic recoil is washed filter the system filters every coal tub has what 247 extreme are aglet to filter unit, of every filter filter the area is 26. 4 M, filter core is by tinsel agglomeration multilayer mesh. This mesh uses 4 structures, the 1st is covering layer, form bigger mesh by thicker wire, remove the surface to protect action only; The 2nd filters to rise the careful agglomeration net of action, mesh dimension is stable, achieve intercept the purpose of certain standards grain; The 3rd is called discharge a layer, make lesser grain can be entered quickly through filter material downstream; The 4th the has very big mesh layer propping up that agglomeration of very thick wire becomes for the layer, make filter material achieves the mechanical strength demand on whole. Intensity of such filter core machinery is high, look corrupt capability is strong [1] .
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