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Pneumatic is in from clean type inhaler the application on screw compressor
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Pneumatic is in from clean type inhaler the application on screw compressor
Liu Xiaoyu
(Hangzhou of limited company of motive force of company of group of Hangzhou iron and steel 310022)
Summary: When search of Guan of leek of abduct of earnest clear of  of ü  honest considers wholesale  to show  of  of bright of carve Ping anxiety to jump over  of  of Suo charming palm to be like sole  to call out  of dredge of  of card of banyan of  of Fu of fine gold Gou to mirror? of  of  of Ti of Meng of て Guan A Chinese-style unlined garment big political integrity,
Keyword:   jumps over  of  of Suo charming palm to be like segregator of oil gas of; of? screw compressor
0 preface
Station of pneumatics of steel rolling of company of Hangzhou steel power is located in converter factory and in of make friends factory around, have 3 screw compressor and two pistons compressor. Below normal production situation, open two screw compressor and compressor of a piston normally, basically give converter, medium make friends and tropics produce unit air feed 3 times.
Screw compressor joins movement oneself, after running two months continuously, often appear capacity is reduced, resistance of segregator of oily filter, oil gas is too great and cause stop machine, to production the unit brings great influence. Use normally change inhaler filter canister, oily filter the step such as filter core and lube comes segregator of filter core, oil gas processing. But the problem did not get be settlemented effectively all the time, safeguard cost to increase greatly at the same time, aircrew service life also gets very big impact. Pass an analysis, pneumatic is added on screw compressor after clean type inhaler, can solve afore-mentioned problems effectively.
1 principle reachs technological process brief introduction
Air attracts a person from canal suction a person, take oneself through aircrew filter device filters, as a result of gravitational, inertial diffuse, osculatory block stays, electrostatic collaboration waiting for put together is used, dirt and solid grain edge fall accumulation is filtering on component, in purifying air to receive pitch of man-machine group work. Working antrum is comprised by the rotor of a pair of mutual clench the teeth, below electric machinery drive high speed runs, the cubage between tine changes ceaselessly, be compressed ceaselessly thereby and raise high-pressured power. Meanwhile, ceaseless gush makes lubricating oil artificially antrum, arrive since lubricant, cooling, sealed with the effect that reduces noise. When the cubage between tine and vent are interlinked, oil gas mixes air from vent eduction. After departing through oil gas segregator, send a person to manage a network, use for the user.
2 aircrew take air to filter oneself the inadequacy of device
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