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The operation of HYPOX fuse-element filter and improve
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The operation of HYPOX fuse-element filter and improve
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Summary: Introduce this automatic and online the facility construction that cleans fuse-element filter, operation method, summary makes continuously Hj4 year the problem that in operate, appears and improve measure. Rose to clean efficiency thereby, maintain the serial production that asks for polyester and product quality stability.
Keyword: PET; Fuse-element filter; Operation
The graph classifies date in: TQ323. 41; TQo51. 85 document label piles up: B article number: 1008-8261(2006)05-0053-03
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Shandong Zi rich connects Yu Xincai to expect of limited company is the large company that produces per year polyester of 200 thousand T, among them of 10 thousand T of L5 spin PET short fine continuously, the polyester fibber section of 50 thousand T. Device drove in April 2002, up to now peak load is L10 % , production and product quality are stable, each index all can obtain the product national level. Among them HYPOX fuse-element filter is Italian PRINCO, Sirl company produces, use the means that uses fully, hand of OK and automatic / uses switch, still can full automatic online clean filter core, the operation that comes a few years in this introduction is carried out and improve measure.
1 facility construction
Cover fuse-element filter to use 55 filter core originally, every 1. 25 M, every filter chamber always filters the area is about 0. 78 M, in fuse-element imports and exports each have an entrance reversal valve and exit reversal valve, action is held when switch; Correspondence has 4 drain valve, nitrogen pressurization is used to undertake discharging to the in-house fuse-element of filter chamber and exit reversal valve after switch ends; In exit reversal valve upside has what can undertake be cleaninged automatically to put empty a powerful person; On the side of fuse-element filter is biochemical device, can filter the impurity that when reaching condensation to clean, appears and waste gas, waste gas accepts a person total waste gas reclaims canal, send a person to heat up intermediary station to burn. The simple and easy structure of filter sees a picture 1.
This device uses double insurance technique to be controlled in MCC only namely indoor the spot after the activation such as a valve that wants an operation just can undertake operating, can reduce the possibility that operates by accident greatly so.
2 switch are operated
The warm-up time of set must be achieved before switch, and reserve the temperature of filter chamber is already normal, check status of switch of each part valve all normal, measure of fuse-element filter work is shown 2 times like the graph.
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