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Titanium metal filter applies mediumly in galvanizing dissolvent
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Titanium metal filter applies mediumly in galvanizing dissolvent
Yun Chunyu
(Shijiazhuang gold titanium purifying device limited company 050035)
Keyword: Titanium metal; Filter; Galvanizing; Solvent
The graph classifies date in: TQ051. 8 5
The technology that galvanizing uses extensively is pickling of steel wire classics after dividing rust, immerge contains ZnC1: Or plating pre-treatment undertakes in the dissolvent of NH C1, this kind of craft has firmer demand to the content of the impurity in solvent. The impurity in solvent basically is content of solid in suspension and FeC1: , accordingly, the filter of eliminate Fe makes one of necessary equipment in galvanizing production. A kind of new-style filter of core of filter of poriferous titanium metal, but the Fe with effective redundant eliminate is ionic.
The structure of filter of 1 titanium metal and filter of principle titanium metal basically comprise by 4 parts: Of model of besmear of inside and outside cylindrical housing, combined-type of a basket of flowers filter core group, import multistage centrifugal pump, car of movable type activity reachs pipeline, its structure is shown like graph L place.
Core of filter of poriferous titanium metal is the core component of filter, classics of powder of You Chuntai metal is special shape after craft, high temperature agglomeration and core of become strong record filter, its interior has the can accuse bore diameter imperceptible air hole of a large number of be well versed in. Core of titanium metal filter filters is the surface filters and one kind of union of photograph of deep bed filtration filters means. When solvent shedding classics when core of filter of poriferous titanium metal, the Fe ¨ after the classics in solvent oxidizes and foreign matter of matter of solid in suspension are in inertial collide and filter cake layer is formed in filter core surface gradually below the action that small hole of core of titanium metal filter holds back, undertake as what filter, filter cake layer goes gradually thick, filter obstruction also increases, when shortly will achieve the highest pressure that matchs pump, discharge is lesser quit the job. With compress fluid of air general incomplete slow backflushing comes solvent chamfer, increase core of pressure backflushing filter again, after using pressurization of pump of clear water classics next, wash instead, classics sewage draining exit foreign matter eduction, second birth of core of the filter that finish, finish to filter namely periodic. Should move for long, backflushing, wash the effect to reduce instead, filter when discharge is lesser, need to stop machine, combined-type of a basket of flowers filter core group is taken out, chemically cleans the complete second birth that the method makes.
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