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Filter of shallow analyse DA863 returns the choice in using processing in indust
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Filter of shallow analyse DA863 returns the choice in using processing in industrial waste water
Yang Ying
(designing institute of Guangzhou steely group)
Summary: Article introduction is in design of processing of industrial waste water, DA863 filter application returns the choice in using processing at industrial waste water, basically undertake elaborating from the respect such as filter mechanism and filter norms, the person that apply to project project architect, construction reachs the person that use logical choice.
Keyword: DA863 filter; Processing of industrial waste water; Choice
1 overview
In us the sewage in steely enterprise measures impurity of big, contaminant because of its water much, it is very difficult that processing rises. At present the filter in use of project of project of more industrial waste water needs to change inside very short time, increased an user to run cost greatly, create the waste of raw material at the same time, and DA863 filter is had filter precision is tall, rate is rapid, accept corrupt the amount is large, wash water rate instead low characteristic. Because this needs our architect,function of understanding DA863 filter is industrial waste water to handle choice filter to provide rational basis.
2 industrial waste water answers good truth craft
Industrial waste water handles flow: Filter → of DA863 of → of reaction of precipitation of Chu Chenchi → of → of industrial waste water is answered with.
But undertake treatise to DA863 filter only in this paper.
3 DA863 filter
3. 1 filters filter makings
DA863 filter is used get used to filter makings oneself, the filter layer that has makings of the filter when filtering to form has interstitial rate from on to next natural decrescent " good sieve expects " characteristic, makings of the filter when having recoil to wash again is sufficient and diffuse, and be had in colander " statified wash instead " characteristic, formed a kind to filter brand-newly technology. "DA863 " getting used to filter to expect oneself is structure of asymmetry cent shape " filter of comet type fiber expects " , it expects fiber filter cut corrupt the feature with good performance and recoil of grain filter makings wash the diagnostic look with good effect to be united in wedlock, and the gradient that space leads filter bed cross section to get on next scanty joining closely to manage with vertical section equably, ensured high speed filters with high accuracy be able to come true at the same time, suit oneself form go up scanty dismantle structure of thick good sieve bed. Its sketch map shows like graph 1 place:

3. 2 filter speed and water quality (1 seeing a table)
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