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Candle pump entrance is muti_function of filter and dasher transform wood
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Candle pump entrance is muti_function of filter and dasher transform wood
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Summary: The blemish that in the light of canister of candle of lube production unit the filter before dasher and candle pump exists, undertake transforming. Use 3 narrow type of Xie Xuan paddle and turn over beater of turbine type of tooth form disc to set a structure, form advance with broken annulus model sort voice, enhance candle fluid solubility; Use other people formula brief the bearing structure that pays way, in order to increase the tigidity of axis of the agitate inside coal tub and carrying capacity; Critical to agitate axis rotate speed undertakes business accounting; Filter with breaker plate bulky solid grain, use permanent magnet to undertake the adsorption of iron grain, with pressure sensor implementation intelligence control heats eliminate to jam.
Keyword: Sensor of beater of pump of candle of ketone benzene dewax
The dasher inside the canister of candle of device of ketone benzene dewax that home pledges lube is produced again is type of cantilever of other people of casing type construction, filter is bushing type. Operation temperature is inferior (23 ℃ of 21 ~ ) , paddle of casing style mix has favorable mix effect, but broken to lump olefin effect is poor, axis of mix of style of other people cantilever gets power lopsided. Because agitate is not all the solution of olefin of toluene fourth ketone of voice, often contain solid candle piece, produce bigger impact to agitate axis, cause agitate axis vibration, cause an axis end is sealed destroy. Because paddle of casing style mix is broken to lump olefin the effect is poor, lump olefin fails to dissolve completely inside coal tub, shed what candle pump imports filter to accentuate downstream run negative charge, often create block. And filter a few petty metal grain without method, so that carry these petty metal grain downstream candle pump, cause screw pump thereby wear away and even destroy. Because of the system filtering before this is necessary to transform pump. The main body structure of the dasher that the article puts forward to be able to make sure candle pump safety grows cycle to move and intelligence filter.
1 plan and conception
According to the action of beater and sort, combine the characteristic of agitate of fluid of candle of canister of ketone benzene candle, the viscosity of candle fluid motion that joins dissolvent of fourth ketone, toluene is very small, it is S of / of 2 ~ 4mm2 commonly; There often is candle piece in actual production, because operation temperature is inferior (it is one 21 CC) commonly, to assure big candle piece can sufficient broken, candle can dissolve adequately, need designs new mixture beater. Turbine beater basically has broken effect, advance model beater is in charge of even mix; Use advance model with turbine model mixture structure can be achieved already can mix is even, can broken candle piece action. Plan uses original operation platform to install device of dasher, decelerate and motor; Improve the bearing composition of agitate axis, use brief the bearing structure that pays way, sliding bearing is installed inside coal tub, with raising agitate axial tigidity is mixed enhance an axis to carry sealed and aseismatic property.
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