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Efficient inhaler detects of the result discuss
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Efficient inhaler detects of the result discuss
Chen Yuhua of Nie Xueli stone Min
(1. Institute of project of Electromechanical of institute of Zhengzhou light industry, henan Zhengzhou 450002; 2. Air of Henan nucleus project purifies a technology finite liability company, henan Zhengzhou 450052; 3. Zhengzhou university studies integratedly designing institute, henan Zhengzhou 450002)
Summary: Those who introduced filter of domestic and international air detect method. Detect according to efficient inhaler result, analysed a few when affect filter performance main factors.
Keyword: Efficient inhaler; Detect; Influencing factor
The graph classifies date in: TU834. 8 document mark piles up: B article number: 1005, 2895(2006)02, 0168, 03
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The factor that affects efficient inhaler performance basically has: Speed of property of filter makings function, air current be filteringed, air current and filter structure. Baconian these influencing factor, measure data according to a large number of measuring attainable computation of theoretic inhaler efficiency, obstruction is formulary. But real measured value and the error with exist certain between computational value theoretically, accordingly, be necessary from detect actually the main factor that the result will come to analyse influence inhaler performance.
The article is right of efficient inhaler testing system detect the result undertakes an analysis, reach the main factor that affects its performance.
1 inhaler detects methodological general situation
Cent of inhaler testing system is mixed for efficient inhaler system general and ventilated with the inhaler 2 kinds. Of efficient inhaler detect by GB6165, 85 reach GB12554 of its revised edition, 92 carry out. This standard stipulates efficiency detects the method is sodium flame standard and oily mist law [] ] . General and ventilated use an inhaler detect by GB12218, the 89 GB14295 after reaching its to edit, 93 carry out, this standard stipulates efficiency detects the method is atmosphere grit diameter in group counting method L2j.
Filter check mark grows as follows definitely: American war council made mark of efficient inhaler check allow USMIL 1956, STD282, efficiency detects with DOP law. England made British standard BS3928 1965, efficiency detects standard of the flame that use sodium. European ventilated association made Eurovent 4 / 1973 4 standards, continue to use sodium blaze detects law. American environment science learned a series of commendation to weave later detect similar standard of the method, all use counting method of DOP plan diameter to detect filter efficiency. Europe established BS EN1822 standard 1999, use pass through a diameter the most easily (MPPS) detects filter efficiency. Mark of our country check uses sodium blaze method definitely, it is the diagnostic light that is 589 Nm according to wavelengh is being given out after sodium atom is aroused by hydric blaze, smooth intensity and principle of proportionate of gas collosol mass concentration, be measured through detecting the ratio of filter around luminous intensity will calculate filter efficiency [3J.
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