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Filter builds backward extrusion craft and pattern
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Filter builds backward extrusion craft and pattern
Article / money takes limited company of figuration of nicety of dragon of cloud of grand · Suzhou
Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad inferior engineering college of civilian · Chongqing
As standard of living rise ceaselessly. The application of filter is wider and wider. If the graph is shown 1 times,be me the company produces recently some 1. The filter of 5in thes upper part of the body. This spare parts is the L of lonely of aluminium alloy shallow blind of 6061. Because batch is bigger. The method that uses machine treatment cannot satisfy client requirement at all. And cost is higher. Accordingly, need to use a future life of backward extrusion technology to produce this part.

The advantage analysis that uses backward extrusion technology uses backward extrusion take shape this spare parts is like below a few advantages.
(Cost of 1) managing raw material 2. 29 yuan of RMBs. The 57 % that are machine treatment cost of material only (aluminous
Alloy market price Kg) of 24 yuan of / .
(2) shortens delivery is periodic. It is former delivery periodic 60 % .
(3) managing the sources of energy (close 1OOg) of every managing aluminium alloy.
(4) economic benefits (calculate 10 thousand times according to 1 5 of every months of production. Every months but managing charge is made an appointment with 34. 50 thousand yuan
RMB) .
Backward extrusion craft and its mould are designed
We use this part in the method that compound extruding uses above standard mould bases extrusion. Structure of its standard mould bases is shown 2 times like the graph. Its craft is as follows: The makings below band saw examines next makings dimension one pickling lubricates figuration of one backward extrusion one pickling whiff does end panel of one fine vehicle to be packed. Next makings dimension deviation in this craft cannot exceed earth 0. 5mm. Lubricant requirement every production 3-5 hind should be opposite lube of fluctuation model besmear, otherwise mould life will be affected. Cause mould life too short. Make the profit of the product drops thereby. Manufacturing cost rises substantially.

Because this product is illogical hole bottom ministry does not have craft round horn. Have backward extrusion technology to us very adverse. After accordingly we are undertaking for many times deliberative with the client RO of will bottom orthogonal instead. The roundlet horn of 5. Such mould life by original control 50 thousand times raise 1 5 to be controlled 10 thousand times. Reduced manufacturing cost substantially. Drift material by rolled steel of new-style mould of LD of Crl 2 instead. Increased the tenacity of the mould. Improved mould life greatly again thereby.
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